In this article you will learn how to present PowerPoint presentations side-by-side at the same time. So projecting two different presentations on a single monitor at the same time.

This is useful in a number of difference scenarios.

  1. When you want to present different translations of the same PowerPoint presentation in Presentation Mode on a single screen for multiple audiences
  2. Compare and contrast two different presentations side-by-side.
  3. View a PowerPoint presentation on half of your screen in Presentation Mode, while using the other half to type your speaker notes. Doing so allows you to also double-check your hyperlinks too.

Viewing two PowerPoint presentations at the same time like this isn’t hard, but it isn’t isn’t super intuitive if you’ve never done it before. So let’s dig in and do it.

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[Watch] Two PowerPoint Presentations Side-by-Side

As an alternative to presenting your presentation live, you can also record your presentation using the narration tools in PowerPoint, and then share the presentation with your team.

To learn how to narrate a PowerPoint, read our narration guide here.

1. Open the Set Up Slide Show dialog box


To open the Slide Show Dialog box, simply:

  1. Click the Slide Show tab
  2. Select the Set Up Slide Show command

You can also shortcut the process by holding the Shift key on your keyboard and clicking the Reading Pane icon at the bottom of your PowerPoint screen.

To see this shortcut in action, plus a few other hidden PowerPoint shortcuts, check out the video below.

2. Select Browsed by an individual (window)

Within the Setup Slide Show dialog box, you have a number of options for presenting your presentation.

To present multiple slideshows at the same time, you simply need to change the default behavior from Presented by a speaker (full screen) to Browsed by an individual (window).


Once you’ve made the selection, click OK to return to the normal view.

Note: If you ever want to view two PowerPoint presentations side-by-side in Windows 10, you can use the Windows snap shortcuts. To see our favorite Windows 10 shortcuts like this, read our shortcut guide here.

3. Run your slide show and resize it

Browsed by an individual (window) option, simply run your slideshow (F5 on your keyboard) and resize your window(s) to fit your screen.

You will need to do this for each of the PowerPoint presentations you want to present at the same time.

Note: Keep in mind that when presenting multiple PowerPoint presentations at the same time, each presentation needs to be manually advanced just like any normal PowerPoint presentation you are running.

That means that you will have to click between the two different presentation windows to advance each slideshow.

To learn your PowerPoint slide show shortcuts, see top shortcuts #8 and #9 in the video below, or click here.

To learn more PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts like this click here.

4. Repeat and resize your other presentations

Repeat this same process for your other PowerPoint presentations and then resize them to fit your screen.

The one thing to keep in mind as you advanced your slides, is that you will need to click on each presentation individually. So make sure you can keep track of where you are in both presentations.


Obviously the larger your overhead projector or monitor, the more presentations you can fit on your screen at the same time.

To see a list of the best computer monitors as ranked by PC Magazine, click here.


So now you know how to use the Setup Slide Show dialog box to present multiple PowerPoint presentations at the same time.

Like most things in PowerPoint, it isn’t hard once you know what you are doing.

If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to learn more about our other PowerPoint resources and training courses, visit us here.

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