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How to Present 2 PowerPoint Presentations (at the Same Time)


Have you ever wanted to view two PowerPoint presentations at the same time on a single monitor?

Maybe you needed to:

Present different translations of the same PowerPoint presentation in ‘Presentation Mode’ on a single screen for multiple audiences

View two (or more) PowerPoint presentations side-by-side in ‘Presentation Mode’ to compare them

View a PowerPoint presentation on half of your screen in ‘Presentation Mode’, while using the other half to type notes (this way you can double-check all of the hyperlink navigational features within your presentation)

Viewing two presentations at the same time isn’t hard, it just isn’t super intuitive if you’ve never done it before. Below is both a video and written PowerPoint tutorial for quickly pulling this trick off.

[Watch] Two presentations at once

Step #1: Open the Set Up Slide Show Dialog Box

Navigate to the Slide Show Tab in your Ribbon, and select the Set Up Slide Show command to launch the Setup Slide Show dialog box.

To open the set up slide show dialog box, from the slide show tab select the Set Up slide show command

Step #2: Select 'Browsed by an individual (window)'

Within the Setup Slide Show Dialog box, you have a number of options for running your slide show. On the left hand side of the dialog box, you want to change the default behavior from ‘Presented by a speaker (full screen)’ to ‘Browsed by an individual (window).'

In the set up show dialog box select browsed by an individual window

Then close the Setup Slide Show Dialog box to return to the Normal View of your presentation.

Step #3: Run your slide show and resize it

Once you are set up to Browsed by an individual (window, simply run your slideshow and resize your window(s) to fit your screen).

You'll want to do this for each of your PowerPoint presentations you want to run at the same time in Slideshow mode.

Note: Keep in mind that when presenting multiple PowerPoint presentations at the same time, each presentation needs to be manually advanced just like any normal PowerPoint presentation you are running.

That means that you will have to click between the two different presentation windows to advance each slideshow.

To learn your PowerPoint slide show shortcuts, see top shortcuts #8 and #9 in the video below.

To learn more keyboard shortcuts like this click here.

Step #4: Repeat and resize your other presentations

Repeat this same process of your other PowerPoint presentations and then resize them to fit on your screen.

Example of two PowerPoint slideshows being run side by side

And that’s it!

You can now view and show two PowerPoint presentations (or more) at the same time on a single monitor. Just make sure you can keep track of where you are.

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Updated on July 23, 2019

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