PowerPoint Training for Businesses

Our instructors are experienced PowerPoint experts who have been using and teaching the software for over a decade. We’re not just tech-wizards who happen to dabble in PowerPoint – we live and breathe it, from our days working in finance, management consulting, event management, and public relations.

Our Approach

Most PowerPoint users have been forced to learn how to use PowerPoint in a very unsystematic and unstructured manner… through trial-and-error, tips shown by colleagues, and random free video tutorials.

Many PowerPoint courses claim to be ‘interactive’ because they ask that students follow along with the instructor while he/she shows them where all the different commands are in the software… and they leave it at that. It’s what we call the ‘Dictionary Approach,” and we believe that it’s a big waste of everyone’s time.

Our approach is entirely different. We start with a PowerPoint problem or task, and we train our clients on how to solve it using PowerPoint. In other words, the other courses give you a fish, while we teach you how to fish.

We expect our students to be able to be proficient on their own (with developed muscle memory) by the end of our training. We do not settle for average, or a mere baseline level of knowledge.

Meet Our Instructors

Nuts & Bolts Speed Training was founded to provide real-world hard PowerPoint skills that our clients can use to become more proficient and efficient at building and editing professional presentations.

Our PowerPoint speed workshops are designed by PowerPoint professionals for PowerPoint professionals with an emphasis on getting things done in the program as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our trainers have a combined 15 years of experience using PowerPoint, primarily in the fields of consulting, investment banking, public relations and communications, and our training represents the sum of the best practices, techniques and strategies they have developed in their years of building, editing, and polishing PowerPoint decks.

The workshops are designed to fill an important gap in teaching busy professionals how to build content-heavy decks that are viable in today’s corporate marketplace.

Taylor Croonquist PowerPoint Speed Trainer

Taylor Croonquist – PowerPoint and Excel Expert

Professional Experience: PriceWaterhouse Coopers – Advisory Risk and Regulatory Division; JFP Holdings – Vice President.

Education: Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, B.A. in Economics (with honors)

Over a career spanning the globe, from consulting in New York and investment banking in China, Taylor has truly seen it all in PowerPoint.

“I’ve had millions of dollars of funding riding on PowerPoint pitch books and proposals that needed to be perfect, and I was sick of working on them until 3AM in the morning, only to have a boss or client decide to change 90% of it when they reviewed it the next morning.”

Through necessity and a natural tech savvy, Taylor honed his PowerPoint skills to the point of even blowing the minds of the Microsoft PowerPoint programming team.

When he’s not busy crafting PowerPoint training, you can find him reading a sci-fi series or scuba diving.

Picture of Camille Holden PowerPoint speed trainer

Camille Holden – PowerPoint & Google Slides Expert

Professional Experience: Ruder Finn Public Relations; The Capital Club Beijing – Events & Communications Director.

Education: McGill University, B.A. in East Asian Studies with a concentration in Communications.

After years working in the trenches, fine-tuning hundreds of her colleagues’ last minute panic-attack presentations, Camille cultivated her PowerPoint skills through tricks, work-arounds, and fine-tuned techniques for getting more done.

A PowerPoint pro in her own right, she joined her husband Taylor at Nuts & Bolts, where she wears many hats as both CEO and Supporting Trainer.

“I’m here to help our clients discover how to leverage PowerPoint so that they can execute their vision down to the finest detail!”

When she’s not helping students build gorgeous and functional presentations, you can find her playing jazz or doing yoga.

Let's Work Together!

We know exactly what your employees face on a daily basis and all our training is designed to address all the common time-wasters, frustrating glitches, and ongoing headaches in the software…

As well as provide real-world and practical solutions that our clients can use in their daily workflow.

While our workshops are expertly laid out to address the majority of issues people encounter in PowerPoint, they are easily customizable to different industries or departments.

To learn more about our corporate training offering, download our brochure and schedule a call with our CEO.

Get on a call with us to determine how we can help you take your team’s PowerPoint skills to the next level.

Senior Managing Director, Global Strategy Consulting Firm:

“I use PPT for all of my consultant and valuation reports, so my reports are mostly text, graphics and Excel objects. I’ve found your course to be just terrific. My knowledge of PPT has greatly increased, my reports look a lot better and I really enjoy your teaching style.” 

Senior Director, Leading Biopharma Consulting Firm:

“My business partner and I have a small consulting firm, I told him […] for sure this has made me about 6 times faster. This is not 3 times faster, because the stuff I’m doing is really complicated, so there is a lot of repetitive stuff in there and just crushing all of that has taken so much time out.”

Business Transformation Consultant, IBM:

“I’m a consultant (formerly with Deloitte) and have found your training the BEST EVER – perfectly targeted towards consultants.” 

Associate Director, PwC:

“I work in PwC Australia…I am so glad to have found your YouTube channel and online training! It is much better than anything else I have seen. More entertaining and to the point. Are you planning to make similar courses for other Microsoft Office programs? I’ll definitely purchase those too! ” 

Global Service Manager, Nokia:

“The course is excellent. I have watched this with a great sense of relief not just because the advice in the series is absolutely brilliant but more because I’ve found people better than me at PowerPoint. Now, not only can I build slides faster, the construction quality of the slides is better resulting in less time on back end tasks/revisions. Overall I’d say I spend 50% less time on initial construction and 70% less on back end revisions.”

Vice President of Engineering, Steel Manufacturer:

“I do like to rewatch (refresher) courses from time to time. Just as an FYI Taylor and yourself have saved my presentations 3x now. So the time I spend watching is worth every ounce of investment.

Presentation Specialist & Sales Trainer, Health & Wellness Brand:

“I have been working in PowerPoint for many years, and like to think I’m fairly adept at it. But with this course, you have allowed me to unlock more potential and given me knowledge to increase my PowerPoint power significantly!! Also, you present the ideas and details in an easy to understand manner, and are very professional. There are so many teaching courses out there on the web, but yours stands apart from the crowd!! Thank you so very much!!”

Management Consultant:

Amazing course!!! I used it as prep for starting at an MBB consulting firm this month and it was INCREDIBLY helpful. I imagine it would help a lot of students–particularly MBA or college summer interns as well as full-timers–start really strong. From my experience, easily more than 50% of MBA students are clueless about how to use PowerPoint effectively.”