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Stop waiting for your employees to become masterful at PowerPoint and start empowering them with the knowledge and skills they need in their everyday lives.

Discover What PowerPoint Training Can Do for Your Organization

Deliver presentations that stant out from the competition

Your organization deserves to have the decks that fit your brand, enhance your reputation, and win the business.

Reduce your corporate inefficiencies and increase productivity

Cut the time your team spends on slides by half (or more) so that they can focus on strategic thinking and improving the bottom line.

Transform your rookies into PowerPoint magicians

In a rapidly changing business environment, your employees should be able to create effective presentations on-the-fly.

Enhance employee satisfaction and increase L&D ROI

Attract and retain the talent your organization needs to thrive by increasing employee engagement and output.

PowerPoint Is in Our DNA

PowerPoint Is in Our DNA

Since 2014, we have delivered PowerPoint training programs that have prepared over 100,000 new hires and existing professionals with the presentation skills they need to succeed on the job.

Our workshops are designed by true PowerPoint experts for organizations that rely on the software on a daily basis and who can’t afford to have their employees just be ‘proficient’ at PowerPoint.

We support our clients by providing training that meets their needs:

  • Intern programs
  • New hire training
  • Continuing professional development
  • Classroom programs
  • Blended learning
  • Online learning

Firms We Work With

We support forward-thinking organizations by designing targeted training that works for their teams and employees.

Highly Specialized Instructors: Meet Your PowerPoint Experts

PowerPoint is a rich and deep program that can be deceptively simple. In order to unlock its secrets and truly master it, you need an instructor who knows the program inside and out and backwards.

With backgrounds in investment banking and consulting, our trainers have decades of experience working in PowerPoint and teaching PowerPoint. We have built the pitch decks, delivered the strategy slides, presented the research findings, and developed the internal training that your employees are working on every day; and we know what it takes to be successful and efficient.

The workshops we have designed and delivered represent the sum of the best practices, techniques and strategies our trainers have developed over their careers and that will turn your employees into PowerPoint ninjas.

Lead Trainer - Taylor Croonquist

Professional Experience: PriceWaterhouseCoopers - Advisory Risk and Regulatory Division; JFP Holdings - Vice President.
Education: Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, B.A. in Economics

Over a career spanning the globe, from consulting in New York and investment banking in China, Taylor has truly seen it all in PowerPoint.

“I’ve had millions of dollars of funding riding on PowerPoint pitch books and proposals that needed to be perfect, and I was sick of working on them until 3AM in the morning, only to have a boss or client decide to change 90% of it when they reviewed it the next morning.”

Through necessity and a natural tech savvy, Taylor honed his PowerPoint skills to the point of even teaching new tricks to Microsoft’s PowerPoint programmers.

Real Results for Busy Professionals

“I’m a consultant (formerly with Deloitte) and have found your training the BEST EVER – perfectly targeted towards consultants.”
Akexandra Griffin
Business Transformation Consultant at IBM
"I can already see how with a little practice I'll be able to generate slides 10x faster than I was able to before...And make it more professionally looking at the same time. I've always been amazed by the stuff our consultants have been able to produce in such limited time. Soon, I'll be able to work without them! You guys rock!”
Pat Shah
Global Head of Content Acquisition, Strategy & Partnerships at, Audible, Inc.
“I work in PwC Australia (debt and capital advisory, to be specific) and use powerpoint on a daily basis to prepare bank presentations and proposals. I learnt about your course through another PowerPoint course. To be frank, your course is much better: more entertaining and to the point.”
Lena Miller
Associate Director, Debt & Capital Advisory at PwC Australia
"The material that you have is a life-saver. Although I have used PowerPoint all my working life, I have never ever looked at it this way and will never be the same again."
Hinanshu Taranekar
Principal at Slalom
“I use PPT for all of my consultant and valuation reports, so my reports are mostly text, graphics and Excel objects. I’ve found your course to be just terrific. My knowledge of PPT has greatly increased, my reports look a lot better and I really enjoy your teaching style.”
Michael Hamilton
Senior Vice President at Powerlink Transmission Company; Retired partner at PwC
"For sure this has made me about 6 times faster. This is not 3 times faster, because the stuff I’m doing is really complicated, so there is a lot of repetitive stuff in there and just crushing all of that has taken so much time out.”
Tony Reese
Partner at Scimitar Inc.

Why Our Method Works

Most of your employees have never received a single hour of PowerPoint training. Whatever they know, they have learned through trial-and-error, tips shared by colleagues, and ad hoc video tutorials. This leaves them with immense gaps in knowledge and with habits that make them very inefficient.

In our experience, even graduates from the top business schools or finance programs are wildly inexperienced and undertrained.

And much of the training by other vendors focuses on the features of the software rather than the skills needed to build presentations effectively and efficiently, day in and day out.

Our approach is entirely different. We start with a PowerPoint problem or task, and we train our clients on how to solve it using PowerPoint.

Along the way, we cover the features and techniques that will turn trainees into PPT wizards, and we always emphasize getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This game-changing training is designed to get your team to immediately start crushing their everyday PowerPoint tasks, avoid the most common time wasters, and start building better slides and presentations.

Training Outcomes:

Enhanced Professionalism

When employees are proficient in PowerPoint, there’s greater consistency in branding and messaging across presentations. This helps in maintaining a cohesive image and reflects positively on the organization.

Cost Savings

Organizations can save money by reducing the need for external design services, as employees can handle more of the design work in-house.

Time Efficiency and Increased Productivity

Skilled PowerPoint users are more efficient. They can create presentations faster, saving time for other critical tasks. They also spend less time troubleshooting or seeking help, which boosts overall productivity across the organization.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees who acquire new skills often feel more valued and engaged. Investing in their development as PowerPoint users can boost morale and job satisfaction.

Improving employees’ PowerPoint skills can have a cascading positive effect on various aspects of an organization, from communication and efficiency to branding and competitiveness. It’s an investment that pays off in numerous ways.

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