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  Nuts & Bots Co-Founders, Taylor and Camille

“PowerPoint is SO EASY to open and drop in a shape…maybe a chart…that it must be super intuitive, right?” WRONG!

If you have ever needed to use PowerPoint for work, you know how much of a time suck and headache it can be.

And there just isn’t a good source out there for real world training or tips. Oh, there’s a ton of material out there…but it’s often ad hoc, dull, encyclopedic, or simply irrelevant to your daily work tasks. Allow us to save you the time of sifting through it!

We believe that to excel at PowerPoint, you need a game plan, which is why we’ve spent so much time combing the web, grilling other power users, and coming up with solutions for our daily PowerPoint woes.

We’ve gotten pretty good at it too! So after coming up with solutions to save ourselves time, it’s time to give back.

Our mission: To help you create amazing slides in PowerPoint and make it to Happy Hour!

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Meet the Team.


Nuts & Bolts Co-Founder

Wordsmith, video editor, design diva, picture pro…she wears many hats at Nuts & Bolts! Besides helping her former PR compatriots use PowerPoint to build fantastic client pitches, she has entertained dreams about becoming a jazz singer. Raised by a French mother and an American father, she calls her suitcase her home.


Nuts & Bolts Co-Founder

The shortcut and productivity guru. Highly opinionated and brutally efficient, he is an extremely patient and effective teacher. Hailing from Seattle, he came up with the ‘One Armed Mouse’ technique in order to be able to combine two of his passions, PowerPoint and coffee: using one hand to hold the mouse, and the other a cup of joe!

Lia (P-Spice)

Spicy Presentations Founder

She's a ‘presentation futurist’ and YouTube 'view-llionaire.’ With tons of creative tutorials on PowerPoint animations and cool tech, Lia's the go-to gal for spicing up your presentations - and we're so happy to have her sharing her PowerPoint and tech tricks with us here!  See her bio in more detail here.