About Us

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Company & History

Nuts & Bolts Speed Training is a leading provider of PowerPoint technical training, serving various industries including consulting and investment banking, advertising and marketing, and sales and business development.

The company was established in 2014 by husband-and-wife duo Taylor and Camille out of frustration with the lack of quality PowerPoint training.

The mission of the company is to help busy professionals save PowerPoint hours and gain peace of mind. Working in PowerPoint doesn’t have to be miserable or time-consuming… it just requires a bit of forethought.

Together, let us show you how to turn your presentation skills up a notch (or ten!) and build decks that impress, so that you can get out of the office in time for Happy Hour! Join us and become a PowerPoint ninja today.

Our Mission:

To help you create amazing slides in PowerPoint and make it to Happy Hour!

There’s a very big misconception out there – which is that PowerPoint is easy. But if you have ever needed to use PowerPoint for work, you know how much of a time-suck and a headache it can be.

We believe that to excel at PowerPoint, you need a game plan. That’s why we created Nuts & Bolts, and that’s why we’ve made it our ultimate goal to provide you with all the tools and skills you need in order to create amazing slides in PowerPoint and still make it out of the office in time for Happy Hour!

Working in PowerPoint doesn’t have to be miserable or time-consuming… it just requires a bit of forethought.

Meet the Team

Camille Holden – Founder & CEO, and PowerPoint Instructor

Taylor Croonquist – Founder, Chief Training Officer & PowerPoint Instructor

Why Choose Us

Our approach to teaching PowerPoint is different from almost all other training out there. We believe in “learning by doing”, which is why all of our courses focus on the practical, hands-on application of real-world examples.

We would rather you know how to accomplish one task with precision and efficacy, rather than know the 1,001 commands in the software.

We expect our students to be able to be proficient on their own (with developed muscle memory) by the end of our training. We do not settle for average, or a mere baseline level of knowledge.

The other difference is that we provide world-class customer support that guarantees you succeed and feel 100% confident in your PowerPoint skills.

Join us in one of our courses and become a PowerPoint ninja today, or learn about how your organization can work directly with us.

Join Us & Finally Master PowerPoint Today!

Find the right PowerPoint course for you or work with us directly.


We’re incredibly proud of our students and the skills they’ve been able to cultivate through our courses and products, as well as our training blog. Here are some feedback they’ve share with us.

Helping students become more productive in PowerPoint.

“I can’t thank you enough for the instructions. It has saved me so much time since I do this a lot on my presentations; maybe even enough time to have TWO drinks at happy hour! Thanks again!!” – Margo

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you! The biggest productivity boost in my career has not been the 4-hour work week, but instead a little known PowerPoint course named NutsandBotlsSpreedTraining. I frankly believe it should be an entry level requirement to take the course if you’re a consultant or IB’er or expect to work more than 1-hour a week in PowerPoint.” – Anonymous

“This course is fabulous and I have already impressed bosses on how speedy I turnaround edits.” – Johanna

“Just completed the second unit of the course and have been introduced to multiple, valuable, efficiency improvements. I’ve been working with PowerPoint for 20 years and due to work schedule, children, and outside activities, haven’t had the time to research these topics on my own. If you’re looking for ways to improve your proficiency with PowerPoint, and decrease the amount of time you generally take to complete menial, repetitive tasks, Taylor can definitely show you a host of techniques to improve your experience. Thanks Taylor, and I’m definitely interested and excited to continue the training.” – Joel

“Now I begin to understand how alignment works in PPT! And selecting. 🙂 This chapter is so well explained, really perfect.” – Chris

Providing the best (and most fun) training courses on the market.

“This has been a FUN ride learning what I’ve avoided for years because I thought it was too complicated. You took the complex and made it understandable and FUN to learn. Thank you for the incredible time and effort you took to make this such an educational and enjoyable course for each of us.” – Christine

“I love everything about this course: your voice, you clear instructions, your attention to details, your creativity. Thank you for sharing all these tricks with us and revealing the hidden potential of animation I had no idea about.” – Guzel

“I have now completed this course and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it! Not only have my technical and speed skills improved immensely, but I am now seeing completely new ways of presenting. Again, thanks so much for a wonderful course, and I look forward to seeing what marvellous ideas you dream up in the future.” – Jean

Delivering excellent customer service.

“I also really appreciate you responding to every query I’ve had – it’s wonderful to have my own animation guru helping me.” – Jean

“The work that both you and Taylor do is amazing – the little nuggets of gold you both seem to uncover is incredible! I love your work, appreciate the time you dedicate to upskilling us all.” – Bonnie-Rae

“You both are terrific and the quality of the information that you put out is consistently excellent. I’m looking forward to meeting you both so that I can gush in person.” – Michael

“You two, hands down, provide the BEST PowerPoint training on the market. Thanks and I look forward to your next videos as I get caught up on the ones you’ve already provided.” – Alex G.,

“You two consistently turn out great content and my PPT skills have been upgraded from ‘advanced’ to ‘you won’t believe it’.” – Tony R., Consultant

“Anyone who uses PPT as much as I do, should have this be required coursework. Thanks for all you do and all you share.” – Heather W., Social and Digital Marketing Manager

“Not only is your training great, your customer service is off the scale!” – Michael R., Learning Architect and Senior Instructional Designer

Boosting students' confidence and skills to new levels.

“I was fairly confident with templates before, but now realise how many gotchas there really are when trying build a beautiful AND usable template.” – Pete

“Thank you so much for the Full Screen Visual Images course. It’s been enormously helpful in creating slides for my presentations and workshops. You’ve liberated me from the struggle to find images that fit my topic AND my slides, and you’ve made my PowerPoints SO much more effective AND entertaining. I love what I can do with full-screen images now!” – Grace

“I’ve waited until now to add my comments, but this is actually the most valuable training I’ve seen here. I am learning the speed shortcuts (slowly), but I work constantly with photos and often had trouble finding a full screen image that was suitable. This rocks my instructional Designer world!” – Michele

Join Us & Finally Master PowerPoint Today!

Find the right PowerPoint course for you or work with us directly.