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Jump Start your Presentations with Vector Graphics

Check out our basic and advanced PowerPoint tips for customizing and working with vector graphics in PowerPoint.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

Learn how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint to add some add some excitement and energy to your presentation.

How to Create 3 Phone Icons in 30 Seconds (PowerPoint Icons)

See how to create three phone icons in PowerPoint in under 30 seconds. Plus, learn how to get thousands of FREE icons for your presentations.

How to use PowerPoint icons to improve your PowerPoint presentations

Learn how to use icons in PowerPoint to improve your presentation layouts. Icons are a fast and easy way to add visuals to any presentation.

How to Make an Image Transparent in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

Discover how to make an image transparent in PowerPoint, including the NEW Office 365 transparency tool that makes it even easier.

How to Create 3D Pictures in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

Learn how to quickly create 3D pictures in PowerPoint that will impress your audience. No 3rd party add-ins or software required.

How to Import EPS Files into PowerPoint

If you want to import EPS files into PowerPoint, you'll need to follow these steps to first convert your graphic into the EMF file format.

PowerPoint Pictures Color Pop Trick

Discover how to create the cool color pop trick with your photos in PowerPoint. No photoshop required! Click here to see how.

How to Make a Collage of Pictures in PowerPoint (the Fast Way)

Learn how to quickly create a collage of pictures in PowerPoint using the picture layout command in PowerPoint.

How to Turn a Photo into a Painting in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

Discover how to turn a photo into a painting in PowerPoint using the artistic effect options and learn what the different options mean.

How to turn a photo into a sketch in PowerPoint (step-by-step)

Discover how to turn a photo into a sketch (or black and white drawing) in PowerPoint, without having to sketch it out yourself.

How to crop a picture in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

Did you know that you can crop pictures directly within Microsoft PowerPoint? See all the different ways to crop pictures in PowerPoint here.

How to Compress Images in PowerPoint | Reduce Image File Size

Learn how to compress your images in PowerPoint to reduce your file size by as much as 80%. This makes it easier to share your presentation.

PowerPoint Pictures

Using pictures in your presentations can dramatially improve your presentation. Learn all about how to use properly use PowerPoint pictures and images here.

PowerPoint Graphics: How to Improve Your Presentations w/ Graphics

Discover how to improve your presentations with simple yet effective PowerPoint graphics. Don't settle for dull slides and graphics.

How to Convert PNG to JPG in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

Learn how to convert PNG images into the JPG or JPEG file format using Microsoft PowerPoint, including when PowerPoint compresses your images.