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How to Put a YouTube Video in PowerPoint


This is your SUPER GUIDE for putting YouTube videos and YouTube playlists into PowerPoint!

The guide below covers PowerPoint versions 2007, 2010 and 2013 (the same as PowerPoint 2016 or Office 365), showing you how to bring your videos to life in PowerPoint and includes some troubleshooting tips if your videos aren’t playing correctly (hey…it happens).

Click on the tab with your version of PowerPoint to learn some advanced YouTube-to-PowerPoint techniques and important things to consider when embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint.

If you want these 3 mocked up slides with the videos already embedded, click here to download them.

Big thanks to Petr for designing the blank computer monitor image and licensing it to the public domain.

Things to consider

No. 1: Which version of PowerPoint you are using?

There are various techniques for the different versions of PowerPoint and add-ins you can install to make this process (and your life) easier.

No. 2: Do you want to format the appearance of the YouTube video?

If so, you need to use the embed code method (only available in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013), which allows you to select or de-select the top and bottom bands of the YouTube video.

No. 3: Do you additionally want the YouTube video’s entire playlist in your slide?

If so, you need to navigate to your video through the YouTube channel’s playlist, which drove me crazy when I was trying to figure this out. Also, inserting a playlist isn’t available in PowerPoint 2007.

Inserting a YouTube video onto your slide

  • PowerPoint 2007
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2013/2016

Believe it or not, there are three ways to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2010:

#1: Using a free add-in (see Mehtod #1 on the PowerPoint 2007 tab)
#2: Using the Shockwave ActiveX Control (see Method #2 on the PowerPoint 2007 tab)
#3: Using the dedicated YouTube embed option

In this tutorial, I will focus on the third and newest method, which is a HUGE improvement over the previous methods: using the dedicated YouTube embed code option.

This method gives you the most flexibility in formatting your YouTube video in PowerPoint AND it allows you to embed an entire playlist…something that was not possible in PowerPoint 2007.

For the tutorial, I used an image of a computer screen to frame the video and create a cool effect…just another tip for making your videos come to life!

If you want these 3 mocked up slides with the videos already embedded, click here to download them.

Step #1: Find your YouTube video

Navigate to YouTube and find the video that you want to insert into your presentation. In this example, we’ll be adding the “Highlighting Your Point Visually” video.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #1 - Find your YouTube Video"

Step #2: Navigate to the embed code

Selecting the video, you want to navigate below the video and select Share, Embed and then open up “Show More Options”.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #2 - Navigate to the embed code"

Step #3: Choose how you want your video to play

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #3A - Chose how you want the video to display"

When embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2010, there are few options you want to pay attention to, primarily:

Option #1: Show Player Controls – This includes the pause, play and other navigational features at the bottom of the YouTube video.

Option #2: Show Video Title and Player Actions – This includes the tile of the video, share buttons on the far right and a playlist dropdown (see ‘getting the playlist’ below) on the left…assuming the video is part of a playlist.

Leaving these selected, your YouTube video will play in PowerPoint as demonstrated below.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #3B - Display options examples"

If you uncheck both of these options, your YouTube video will play in your PowerPoint presentation as displayed here:

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #3C - No display options selected"

Other video options include:

Video size – This is not terribly important as you can manually resize your video within PowerPoint anyway.

Show suggested videos when the video finishes – This is optional and depends on if you want people to continue watching other videos once the video finishes.

Enable privacy – Enhanced Mode – This is only relevant if you are embedding the video on your website…choosing this option will not work in PowerPoint.

As YouTube states “Enabling this option means that YouTube won’t store information about visitors on your web page unless they play the video.”

Step #4: Copy and paste the embed code

Once you’ve made your selections in YouTube, select the embed code above the preview window and hit CTRL + C to copy.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #4A - Copy the Embed Code option 1"

Alternatively, you can simply right-click the video, select ‘Get embed code’ and then hit CTRL + C to copy.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #4B - Copy the embed code option 2"

With the YouTube embed code copied, back in PowerPoint, navigate to the Insert tab, select Video and then select the ‘Video from Web Site’ option.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #4C - Insert video dropdown"

In the dialog box that pops open, hit CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste the YouTube embed code into the dialog box, and then click on Insert.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #4D - Paste the embed code"

A black box is inserted onto your slide that you then want to resize and position.

Note: If you have the option to show the player controls at the bottom of your video, you will want to stretch the video out to cover the image you are using (in this case a blank computer screen) so that the YouTube video controls show on top of the controls on your image.

That way, when you play the video, it will look more realistic.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #4E - resize and poisition the youtube video"

To see how the video lines up within your frame (which can be tough when you have a black box on top of a black frame), simply double click the video in the Normal View, and the YouTube video will load.

Notice in the picture below how the YouTube controls replace the controls on the bottom of the static picture I’m using, creating a more realistic effect in PowerPoint.

"Embedding YouTube PowerPoint 2010 - Step #4F - Double click to preview the video"

If you want these 3 mocked up slides with the videos already embedded, click here to download them.

What's next?

Updated on March 25, 2018

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