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Protect Your Presentation (PowerPoint Picture Presentation)

Discover how to protect your PowerPoint presentation by turning your slides into pictures. It's fast and easy using this built-in command.

PowerPoint Best Practices: Customize your QAT

Discover how to customize your Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint, setting up your favorite commands as easy to use keyboard shortcuts.

8 GREAT PowerPoint Add-ins that Boost Your Productivity

Check out our 8 favorite PowerPoint add-ins that will boost your PowerPoint productivity and get you one step closer to Happy Hour.

How to Group in PowerPoint: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to properly group, ungroup and regroup objects in PowerPoint to make your slide-life easier (also discover what doesn't work).

How to Start a Presentation with Pizzazz (15 Beginnings to Try Out)

Learn how to start a presentation properly so that all of your hours of hard work you put in don't go to waste when you're finally standing up on stage.

PowerPoint settings: program level vs. presentation level

Do you know the difference between your PowerPoint program level settings and your presentation level settings? See why they matter.