How To Embed A YouTube Video In PowerPoint

In this quick PowerPoint tip, you’ll learn how to embed a YouTube in PowerPoint to mix up the medium of your presentation.

YouTube is a great source of free videos that you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations more engaging and interactive. Whether you are looking for inspiring talks, how to demonstrations or comic relief, YouTube has it all.

Before you get started: Embedding and playing YouTube videos in PowerPoint requires an active internet connection to work (and the faster the better). When you are ready to find and embed your YouTube video, open up PowerPoint and navigate to to get started below.

If you have PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or 2013, you can find additional steps for embedding a YouTube video in your version of PowerPoint here.

Step #1: Type your search query into the YouTube search bar and click the magnifying glass icon to find start your search.


Step #2: Once you find a video to embed into PowerPoint, click the videos TitleThumbnail or Description to open the YouTube video’s watch page.


Step #3: At the bottom of the YouTube video’s watch page, click the Share button to get at the videos URL. You will need this URL to embed the YouTube video in PowerPoint.


Step #4: Inside the dialog box, click the COPY command or select the URL with your mouse and hit Ctrl + C to copy the URL to your clipboard.


Step #5: Inside of PowerPoint, navigate to the slide where you want to embed your YouTube video and click the Insert tab in your ribbon.


Step #6: In the Media group on the Insert tab, click the Video drop down.


Step #7: In the Video drop down, select Online Video.


Step #8: Click into the input box and hit Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the YouTube URL link into the dialog box. click Insert to embed the YouTube video into your presentation.


Step #9: Use the White Dots around the edge of your embedded video to resize the video to fit your slide layout.


Step #10: With your video selected, use the Video Tools Format tab to format your video (if necessary). For example, this is where you can make Corrections, change the Color of your video and/or add a Poster Frame


The disadvantage of embedding an online video into PowerPoint is that you have fewer Playback and Formatting options to work with. To open up these options, simply embed a video from your computer instead (details here)

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