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Create a Jeopardy Animation Spin Effect in PowerPoint

Here’s an excellent PowerPoint animation effect to learn. It’s almost a perfect effect – it looks great, is versatile, and best of all, it’s extremely easy to make.

Check out this video to see how to do it, and feel free to refer to the transcript below if there’s anything that wasn’t fully clear, and make sure to download the sample file to jump-start your work. Enjoy!

[Watch] Create spinning flash cards in PowerPoint

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This is a really fun effect to do, and the best part is that it’s ridiculously easy. Here’s how to do it.
This effect works really well for flipping something to the other side, so we’re going to need two objects: An Exiting Object that starts on the screen but will spin around and the Entering Object that will come in to replace it.
So, we have our two objects here.


Next, we will add a Swivel exit effect to the Exiting Object, and then a Swivel entrance effect to the Entering Object. Now let’s make them both start With Previous, and let’s change the timing.


This is an extremely important piece. I’m going to make the exiting swivel 0.50 seconds and the entering swivel 0.25 seconds in duration, with a 0.25 second delay as well.
This way, the entering swivel starts halfway through and finishes right at the end, so they’re both in sync.


I’ll first show you what it looks like separately.
Now I’ll put them on top of each other, and let’s put the Exiting Object on top for now so we can see better, although it really doesn’t matter which one is on top in your presentation – the effect will still look the same.


There you go – see how easy that was? That’s pretty much the effect right there.
Now, I’ll just show you some ways to play around with it. As I mentioned, timing is very, very important here.


Finding the right starting time of the entrance, 0.25 in this case, isn’t that easy. Actually, I figured out the 0.25 on my own through a lot of trial and error because you can’t just always make it come in halfway through.
You’ll see what I mean in a second.


I’ll now share some other timings that have worked for me to save you the trouble of figuring them out for yourself.
The Quick version is the one I just showed you with the 0.50 for the exit and a 0.25 for the entrance, but there’s also a Medium version and a Slow version. I’ll show you the duration and delay for both the exiting and entering objects for each category.
You’ll see what I mean in a second.
Cool and Super Easy PowerPoint Spin Animation Effect


As you can see, the Entrance and Exit effects on the Medium and Slow versions aren’t exactly split in half.
Look at the slow column for example; for a 1.5 second exit, you actually have to start the entrance effect at 0.55 seconds and make it last point 0.95 seconds, so that’s nowhere near a halfway split like we had in the Quick version.


Let me show you where I used each of these timings in the video so that you can see the differences for yourself. I’m going to start off with the Quick version. This was used in the smiley face sequence.


As you can see, the first smiley face has another one right underneath it that comes out during the spin effect.
You can see the half second exit swivel and the quarter second entrance swivel with the quarter second delay. And this is what it looks like…


Okay. Let’s move to the Medium now. This was used for the intro piece with the cards. You can see the words SPINEFFECT underneath there.
You can also see the exit effect of 0.75 seconds and the entrance effect at 00.45 seconds duration and 0.30 seconds for the delay, almost but not quite half and this is what it looks like…


And here comes the Slow part. This one I used at the end of the ENJOY sequence. Each of these has flipped version of itself underneath.
The timings are 1.50 seconds for the exit and 0.95 duration and 0.55 delay for the entrance.


And that’s it. You can also replay the first part of this video so that you can see each of these different spins in much higher quality.
As a very very last piece, I want to show you a couple of other more advanced tricks with this.


For the WORD FINDER sequence, I actually had to offset the WORD and FINDER by 0.10 or one-tenth of a second because otherwise, the top letters would spin with the bottom letters like they were one piece.
This is what happens when you have them together.


And this is what it looks like when they’re a little bit off. Much better the second time.
Finally, I want to show you a domino-like swivel when one follows the other right away. Here is what I did for the first sequence.


As you can see, the next letter starts with the entrance effect of the last letter. So, they’re kind of overlapping slightly. It’s really important to do your math carefully on this one and at exactly the right timing for each of these.
There’s what it looks like.


And that is it – a quick little trick with a lot of stuff behind it, and you can do a lot with it too. Have fun, and see what you can come up with.
Thanks again for watching, and see you for my next video!

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