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Top 5 New PowerPoint Features from 2018

Before you get lost in all the NEW features coming out this year, I pulled together a list of my favorite 5 PowerPoint features that were released in 2018.

Microsoft is constantly updating and upgrading their software, and 2018 saw a huge amount of cool new features that will make every presenter who is trying to stay on the cutting edge drool.

So here’s the list of my top 5 favorite features from 2018.

1. The 3D effect set (for 3D models)

While 3D models came out in 2017, the ability to animate them in 2018 (mixing 2D and 3D content) opened up HUGE creative possibilities for you.

For an example, see my 3D Model – Jumping Dog tutorial here:

2. 3D pre-animated models

Although there aren’t a lot of these out there yet (they are brand new) this is going to be a POWERFUL toolkit for your animations in the near future.

For an example, see my 3D Animated Models tutorial here:

3. 3D Viewer (formerly Mixed Reality Viewer)

Augmented (or mixed) reality will change the way we present in the future.

But even if you don’t have Office 365 (required for 3D models), you can still play around with the 3D effects in the 3D Viewer in the Microsoft store.

I will make a tutorial for this soon, but to get a taste of what I mean, check out my most popular video from 2018: Make Your Own Augmented Reality tutorial.

4. EPS file compatibility

Due to a security issue, Microsoft stopped supporting EPS vector files, which wasn’t great news for me, but led to some interesting discoveries.

While many of my tutorials – like my Smoky Letters trick – relied on EPS files, I now have several workarounds that you can use, read my guide here.

5. The wonders of the Morph transition

The Morph transition is a gift that keeps on giving!

If you haven’t learned how to use Morph, you can check out my article on creating a Prezi-like effect in PowerPoint with Morph here. Or, you can watch one of my YouTube tutorials on Morph, such as this one on how to create a smoky letter effect using Morph:

Now, I thought I knew everything about Morph until I had my mind blown during Richard Goring’s session at the Presentation Summit…

In short, he showed how to combine Morph with cropping for some super cool effects.

You can download a super simple example here of what I mean (you will need Office 365).

How about you?

So that’s my list of major PowerPoint / presentation developments for 2018.  

Did you have any other favorites on YOUR list? Comment down below to let me know your favorite PowerPoint features released in 2018.

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