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PowerPoint Template Review: Reem by SlideCow


Best PowerPoint Templates: This template is one of our 9 favorite PowerPoint templates. To see which other templates we recommend, check out our article on the 3 Best Places for Professional PowerPoint Templates.

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The Reem Template

Check out the Reem PowerPoint Template by SlideCow.

This template is the queen of all the SlideCow templates, and we just love i!

It’s a gorgeous, minimalist PowerPoint template that has everything you need to deliver a stunning presentation. It's so beautiful that its creator, named it after his lovely wife.

The template is built in black, white and dark red and is suitable for just about any corporate presentation you can imagine. It also includes some beautiful photographs, icons, maps, graphics and charts that you can use in your own slides.

How to use this template:

We would recommend this template for anyone. It’s minimalist enough for a Ted-style presentation, while still being robust enough for a webinar or printed presentation.

Here are some examples of slides in the Reem PowerPoint Template:

Template preview & review

If you'd like to see a preview, as well as Camille's review, of this template, go ahead and watch the video below.

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Updated on January 10, 2019

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