Learn Step-By-Step How to Build Professional PowerPoint Animations

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Learn How to Build Professional PowerPoint Animations

Discover the REAL secret to creating professional-looking effects right in in PowerPoint… which took me years to figure out on my own!

Build Creative, Engaging and Extra SPICY Animations

Most people see PowerPoint as a dry ‘bullet-point’ software…but you’ll soon see why it’s actually a very powerful – almost magical – tool that turbo-charges your creativity and lets you create stunning effects. Discover its hidden potential and you’ll quickly find yourself filled with new ideas and resources for creating highly engaging and memorable presentations, each and every time!

What you’ll discover in this 4-part series:

The Bounce Technique

Make the objects on your slide bounce...adding touch of flair and realism to your effects.

The Transformer Technique

Use this technique to transform the letters in your words into shapes for a cool and smooth effect.

The Slide Technique

Add a subtle professional touch by making objects slide out from somewhere on the screen.

The Picto Technique

Show an advanced level of creativity and planning by unexpectedly turning your text into a picture.

See What Other Students Are Saying about the Power of Spicing up their Animations:


“Thank you for sharing all these tricks with us and revealing the hidden potential of animation I had no idea about!”


 Spicy Student

[This has] made me realize that Powerpoint as someone else suggested is very ‘sexy’.”


 Spicy Student 

“The course has been incredible. Great learning tutorial for me. You have taught me so much through this course and your videos. Definitely a fan for life!”


 Spicy Student 

“The presentation I’m currently working on has now quite a few of these techniques incorporated….and they ALL look wonderful!”


 Spicy Student 

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