Welcome to Spicy Presentations!

Spice up your presentations with creative tricks in PowerPoint and emerging technologies.

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Hi there, I’m Lia from Spicy Presentations!

As a management consultant, I help leaders envision the future and how they’ll need to evolve their skills to succeed.

Here, I apply this idea to visual communication, storytelling, and presentation technologies (especially PowerPoint, given its versatility and prominence).

My goal is to highlight interesting trends, help you stay on the cutting edge, and better engage your audience with cool presentation tricks.

I’m excited to be partnering with Taylor and Camille from Nuts & Bolts, contributing to the posts about PowerPoint Animations and Emerging Tech.

I also show many of these tricks on my YouTube channel, PowerPoint Spice, and in written form in some of my articles below:

I’m also honored to have been recognized as a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, joining a select community of experts from around the world.

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