"From Flat to Phat: PowerPoint's New 3D Capabilities"

Learn how to Find, Create, Customize and Animate 3D Objects in PowerPoint

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1. Where do you get 3D models?

I would recommend going to the Remix 3D website to get 3D models because, even though you can import some from other sources, they tend to bug out in the software a lot more. People are adding more to Remix every day, and while the quality may not be the highest, it’s the most reliable at the moment.

2. Can you make the 3D models very big?

Yes, in most cases the 3D models work like vectors, so they will be able to stretch well. The only caveat is that textured stickers might get very blurry as they stretch. Keep in mind though, that big files may crash your PowerPoint software.

3. Can you email a PowerPoint file with 3D models inside it? And does the receiving computer need to be 3D-capable?

Yes, you absolutely can email presentations with 3D models in them. The recipient does need to be 3D-capable to be able to play the model. However, if they don’t, they’ll still see the image – only it will be 2D images and the animation won’t play. In other words, you won’t lose the image or cause an error, but it simply won’t be 3D.

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