The Spicy PowerPoint Animations Course

Big News from here at the Spicy Presentations Headquarters..

Big News:

My Animations Course is FINALLY complete with all 34 spicy techniques and all extra resources (phew… it’s been 2+ years in the making!).

It’s pretty darn SPICY. Click play below to see exactly what you’ll learn how to build.

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Complete access to the entire course with all the additional tips, real-world animation examples, and alternative methods.

When you join my Spicy Animations course, here’s what you will learn:

  • How to build and execute a professional sequence of 200+ animations from scratch.
  • How to creatively mix-and-match 34 animation techniques.
  • (Most importantly) How to think strategically about your animations to save time in the process.

This is my best, most comprehensive work that I’ve pulled together to-date, and it’s now 100% complete.

More Comprehensive than My YouTube Channel

I love teaching on YouTube.

It’s how I got started online and I will continue adding new videos, spicy effects and inspiring ideas to my channel (for sure!).

But there is a big downside to teaching on YouTube…

The downside is, after spending more hours than I care to admit crafting and publishing a new video, YouTube publishing rules restrict me from updating and editing that video in the future (even if I discover a new and better way to do things).

So for most of my stuff up on YouTube, I have already developed a better way (sometimes radically better).

That’s because since starting my channel, I’ve spent hundreds of hours tinkering around and am constantly deconstructing PowerPoint effects looking for better, faster and easier ways to create professional effects…

After over 2 years of research and experimentation, here’s what I’ve discovered:

Almost all professional effects (even the wildest one out there) can be broken down into a mix-n-match combination of JUST 34 different animation techniques.

That said, simply knowing the 34 techniques isn’t enough.

That’s why my Spicy Animations Course doesn’t just teach you the 34 techniques and call it a day. Instead, it goes 10 steps further, delivering real-world experience mix-n-matching the techniques together to create one grand animated sequence: a 200+ stack of animations, effects and triggers spread out over 29 slides.

That way you learn exactly how to properly plan, design and execute your own animation. You know all of the decisions you need to make and all the options available to you.

That’s why I’m so excited about the course, because…

It's a Brand-New Way to Build Animated Effects!

You’ll be thrilled to see how fast you can pull off a wide variety of effects using this radical new approach to building and animated slides.

Simply follow along and you’ll not only get hands-on experience building a 200+ animated sequence from scratch, you’ll also learn the ins and outs of 34 different animation techniques that you can stack up any way you like for you own projects.

Combined with my time-and-tested approach to building animated slides that you’ll also learn as you follow along, you’ll see an immediate improvement in the quality of your projects!

The Spicy Animations Course is by far the most comprehensive system for using PowerPoint animations and special effects that I’ve ever seen.

I’m using this system CONSTANTLY now for my own projects. I’m loving it! And you will too.

That’s because not only does it make professional animated effects accessible to everyone, but…

The Best Part Is That It's a Ton of Fun, Too!

Most presenters are paddling up the creek of sameness without a paddle.

That’s why there’s nothing more refreshing than a professionally-built and well-timed animated effect. It lights up your audience’s eyes.

It’s fun for your audience (and your paycheck!), and it’s fun for you too!

And that’s because…

That's The Secret To Advanced Animation Techniques

The SECRET to advanced animations and effects in PowerPoint has nothing to do with innate skills, talent, or superhuman abilities…

It really all boils down to some simple skills, techniques and strategies that anyone can learn. What I call Animation StackingTM.

That is, stacking up common PowerPoint animations and effects in creative ways to create advanced “I can’t believe that’s PowerPoint” effects and sequences.

And depending on the effect you are shooting for, you can stack up 2, 10, or even 100+ animations to create your professional-looking sequence.

For example: using my 34 mix-n-match techniques to tie 200+ animations, effects and triggers together over 28 slides to create an advanced sequence (like I walk you step-by-step through in my Spicy Animations Course).

That’s the secret to:

The trick to knocking out these types of animations and effects is understanding how to ‘stack’ up your animations, step by step, in a way that is easy to follow and keep consistent.

After years of trial and error and experimentation, I’ve boiled everything you need to know about PowerPoint animations and how to stack them into advanced effects into 34 interchangeable techniques – with catchy names, to make them more memorable. 

34 New Animation Techniques to Add to Your Toolkit

Here are my 34 techniques you can use to break down and create a wide variety of the stuff you see on TV, directly in PowerPoint.

Hint: #4 and #6 are Susan’s favorites (yes, send me your favorite technique and I’ll add your name here too).

  1. The Bounce Technique – Add some realism to moving objects.
  2. The Transformer Technique – Brilliantly turn letters and objects into other things in PowerPoint (see bonus PDF for more inspiration).
  3. The Slide Technique – Add a subtle professional touch by making objects slide out from somewhere on the screen.
  4. The Picto – Unexpectedly turn your text into a picture.
  5. The Zoom – Make objects move and grow/shrink at once for a stunning, professional effect.
  6. The Spicy Treasure Chest – Spice up 3D objects to look more real using stuff you can easily find for free on the internet.
  7. The 3D Key – Add a surprising 3D “twist” to a boring, flat key.
  8. The Spicy Hinge – Make a box unexpectedly open.
  9. The Flying Letters – Make your letters wildly fly out but land perfectly in place.
  10.  The Motion Path Lineup – Use this hack to save massive time aligning objects across slides.
  11. The Zoom #2 –Zoom in on a letter to create a unique ‘transition’.
  12. The Picto #2 – Make stunning spinning globe inside of a letter.
  13. The Kick – Add a dash of spice to your work with this extra saucy trick.
  14. The Fontastic – Make your font match the mood of your text.
  15. The Frankenstein – Add a surprising twist to join separate objects together, then make them move as one.
  16. The Wave – Take advantage of PowerPoint’s ability to customize a wave – for a very spicy result.
  17. The Bounce #2 Technique – An even simpler and faster way of bouncing your objects.
  18. The Bump Technique – Playfully knock objects around and make them ricochet off others.
  19. The Color Kiss Technique – Make your objects change color as they collide, adding a subtle, sophisticated touch.
  20. The Futurist Technique – Pre-plan your animations several steps in advance to for extra precision and efficiency.
  21. The Bump #2 Technique – Nudge your objects gently into place.
  22. The Punch Technique – Use quick jabs to knock objects off your slide.
  23. The Split Technique – Make intact objects suddenly split for a delightful surprise.
  24. The Basic Twist Technique – Spin your objects quickly out of the way to avoid being hit by others.
  25. The Advanced Twist Technique – Create a spiral text effect to mesmerize your audiences.
  26. Slide #2 Technique – Copy professional advertising effects with an advanced version of this technique.
  27. The Pan Technique – Creatively use transitions to make unique animation effects.
  28. The Splash Technique – Throw objects separately onto the slide for a bold, eye-catching effect.
  29. The Spicy Double Doors Technique – Reveal a surprise from behind a pair of mystery doors.
  30. The Je-DIE Technique – Suck objects into a vortex in the middle of the slide.
  31. The Advanced Je-DIE Technique – Suck objects into a vortex in Channel your force into a Hollywood style text crawl.
  32. The Splash Technique – Throw objects separately onto the slide for a bold, eye-catching effect.
  33. The Typewriter Technique – Make old school text effects – with sound.
  34. The Burst Technique – Go out with a bang.

All of these technique are ready to go for you right now in my Spicy Animations Course.

On top of the techniques above, you’ll get lifetime access to the materials and automatically be grandfathered into any future content that I add for FREE, regardless of any corresponding price increases.

What Can You Expect to Learn in the Course?

Ever wonder how the pros plan, design and execute complex animated sequences without messing themselves up?

The trick is not only stacking up your animations in the correct order, but also chunking them correctly into manageable sequences. That way even if your boss or client wants to change something after the fact, you don’t have to start over from scratch.

In the Spicy Animations course you’ll get real-world – click-by-click – experience tying 32 different animations techniques together into one grand sequence including over 200 PowerPoint animations, triggers and effects spread out over 29 different slides!

That way you get hands on experience and know exactly what to do and what options you have when building out your own projects from scratch.

When you join today, you’ll get immediate access to:

  • 37 Video Lessons (5h 07m of training): I’ve broken down the course into bite-size steps (each video is under 15 mins except one) that you can learn in just a few minutes.
  • 34 Techniques (see above for specifics): Have you heard of The Bounce Technique? The Frankenstein Technique? The Kick Technique? These are just a few of the techniques you’ll learn…and each one builds on top of the previous one, so that you can see how to string animations together to form a sequence that blows your audience’s mind.
  • 29 slides with over 200 animations: I’ve designed the course so that by the end, you’ll have an awesome animation sequence you can use in your own presentations. You’ll be able to say ‘Wow, I built that!’ at the end of the course.
  • The Animation Resource Guide: I’ve created an additional 37 pages of trick summaries, alternative methods, extra tips, and additional examples so that you can try different variations and get more inspiration for each trick. This will be a living & breathing document, so as I get questions or ideas from you, I will update it with more cool stuff.
  • Bonus Resources: For 4 of the techniques, I’ve created additional example slides you can deconstruct, learn from, and use in your own projects.
  • The Reference File: You’ll get the final file that we’ll be building together so that you can reference it if you ever need to see exactly how I did something. It’s 2.27MB and 29 slides of animation amazingness that you can copy/paste from. P.S. I’ve found faster/better/smarter ways to make the effects from when I originally did them so the slides from “animations” to “endless” are all fully updated to match the videos.
  • Integrated Feedback from students: I’ve received lots of great suggestions and tips from early bird students, which I’ve infused into the rest of the course.

Here’s the sequence you’ll learn to build out in the course:

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On top of that, if you keep the course, you’ll get lifetime access to the materials and automatically be grandfathered into any future content that I add for FREE, regardless of any corresponding price increases.

You can try the course out now with my…

A 60-Day Spicy Guarantee of Success!

When you join my Spicy Animations Course today, you’ll also get an extra long 60 FULL days to check everything out to make sure it’s right for you.

You’ll be over the top THRILLED and EXCITED at all the cool new things you can expertly pull off in PowerPoint using these techniques, or simply shoot me a note and I’ll refund your full investment. No questions asked. Nothing to return.