PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Charles Stella

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Alien Earth Invasion

Congratulations to Charles Stella for clinching the prize for our third PowerPoint Cartoon Competition!

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Charles Stella

A big thank you to everyone who participated, by submitting an entry and by voting.

Here are the runners up in order:

Honorary Awards for some of the entries that weren’t selected as part of the top 3 :-):

The “Trekky” Award goes to Ian Viney, for adding some sci-fi nerdiness to PPT:

“I don’t feel good about his plan to use PPT animation and VBA to control the quantum attack phasors.” – Ian

The “Doy!” Award goes to Charity Collins, for reminding us that eve aliens miss the point of presentations:

“I don’t get it, is he planning on PowerPointing the Earthlings to death?” – Charity

And the “Punny” Award goes to Pam Cervantes, for making me wonder whether aliens like puns:

“I hear those bullets are pretty lethal in most earth business meetings.” – Pam

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