PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Company Slide Deck

Congratulations to Bruce Anderson for clinching the prize for our first ever PowerPoint Cartoon Competition!

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Bruce Anderson

A big thank you to everyone who participated, by submitting an entry and by voting.

Here are the runners up in order:

Honorary Awards for some of the entries that weren’t selected as part of the top 5 :-):

The “True Dat” Award goes to Sue Obrien, for capturing the age-old corporate strategy of blindfolding yourself to change:

“I don’t know why these youngsters have to change things Ted. There’s nothing wrong with the deck we’ve been using for the last twenty years!”

The “Dark Knight” Award goes to Chad Neumann, for his hilariously dark humor and his brilliant use of the pun on bullet points:

“Frank, It’s a good thing we got rid of the bullets.”

And the “Brownie Points” Award goes to Janice Pizzurro, for referencing our PowerPoint training course, and trying to please the judge (you succeeded, by the way):

“I thought Bob took that great Speed Training class, but I guess I was wrong.”

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