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PowerPoint Template Review: Olivia by SlidesCarnival


Best PowerPoint Templates: The Olivia template is one of our 9 favorite PowerPoint templates that you can find online. To see which other templates we recommend, see our guide here.

The Free Olivia Presentation Template

The title slide of the Olivia PowerPoint template

Check out the Olivia Presentation Template by SlidesCarnival.

The Olivia template by SlidesCarnival is a bright and fun template that allows you to showcase your brand colors well, especially if you have an existing color scheme.

We also like that its design is centered around icons, rather than pictures, keeping it flexible and sleek at the same time. This means the template can easily be used to create a wide range of different presentations from it, whether you are using Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Warning: Keep in mind that this template was not created using the PowerPoint Slide Master, so it's technically what we call a fake PowerPoint template (learn more about that here) and should be used more as inspiration for slide design, or for one-off presentations.

How to best use this free PowerPoint template

We recommend you use this template for presentations used in small settings, such as webinars, or in larger live presentations.

That’s because the slides are fairly sparse and minimalist and it will be hard to fit a lot of content onto the slides without ruining the layout.

Example slides from Olivia Template

Examples of slides in the Olivia template by SlidesCarnival
Examples of slides from the Olivia template

You can download Slides Carnival's free Olivia Presentation templates here.

[Watch] SlidesCarnival Template Review

If you'd like to see a review and preview of the Olivia template (and other PowerPoint templates Camille recommends checking out), click play to watch the short video below.

To learn everything you need to know about building your own custom PowerPoint template, see our detailed guide here.

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Updated on May 19, 2019

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