3 Phone Icons in Under 30 Seconds

In this post, I’ll show you how to create 3 different styles of phone icons for your presentations in less than 30 seconds.

On top of that…

I’ll show you how to get at thousands of other free icons like these (using this same technique) by setting up a simple Icon Font Cutter Tool in PowerPoint. If you build lots of slides in PowerPoint and are always looking for professional icons, a Font Cutter Tool like this is a no-brainer.

First off though, to help you nail this technique quickly, I’ve included both a video and written tutorial below, which you can choose depending on how you learn best.

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Fast Phone Icons Video Tutorial

Icon Tip: To ensure you aren’t missing out on hundreds of other free icons, make sure to include the capital case, lower case and all of the special characters in your Icon Font Cutter Tool. You can also just download mine here.

Fast Phone Icons Written Tutorial

To build out the 3 phone icons in less than 30 seconds, follow the steps below.

Step #1: Insert a Rectangle (3 seconds)

On a blank slide in PowerPoint, insert a rectangle (no need to waste time formatting it at this point).

Phone Icon Step 1 - Add a rectangle

Step #2: Insert a Text Box (a few seconds)

Insert a text box over your rectangle so that it extends off the right side of your rectangle as pictured below.

After adding the text box, type the a forward and backward parentheses ‘(‘ and ‘)’ into the text box. In the picture below, I’ve increased the font size to 250 so it’s easier to see for this tutorial.

Note: You need both the rectangle AND the text box to pull off these phone icons correctly, layered as they are pictured below.

Step #3: Change Your Font Style to Wingdings (5 seconds)

From the Home tab in PowerPoint, open the font style dropdown menu and find Wingdings. You can alternatively just type it into the input box and hit Enter.

Icon Fonts: Wingdings is one of the 4 built-in icon fonts on your computer, in total giving you 886 FREE icons that you can use in your presentations. I’ve included all 886 of them – all cut out for you – in my Ultimate Resource Bundle here.

Notice, that switching your font style to Wingdings instantly turns your parentheses into two different styles of phone icons (soon to be three), but don’t stop here…

As is, these are still just icon text, not the fully customizable icon graphics that you want for your slides. So don’t skip the next few steps.

Phone Icon Step 3 - Wingdings

Step #4: Select Your Two Objects IN THIS ORDER (2 seconds)

Pay special attention to the order below. If you mess this step up, this trick will not work.

Holding the SHIFT key, first select your text box with the phone icons in it, then (and only then) select the background rectangle, so that both objects are selected.

Phone Icon Step 4 - select your objects in the correct order

Step #5: Fragment Your Objects (3 seconds)

With your objects selected in the correct order described above, navigate to the Drawing Tools Format tab, open up the Merge Shapes dropdown and select Fragment.

Fragment Tool for PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 Only: The Fragment Tool is only available in PowerPoint versions of 2013 and later. If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint, you can simply grab all of the icons here.

Phone Icon Step 5 - Fragement your objects

Step #6: Clean Up the Pieces (8 to 10 seconds)

After fragmenting your two objects (and depending on the icon you are cutting out) remove the extra pieces to get at your fully customizable phone icons.

Again, these are just a few of the 886 FREE icons that are already sitting on your computer.

Phone Icon Step 6 - clean up the pieces

Step #7: Format Your Phone Icons

Now that you have your phone icons properly cut out, these are 100% editable vector graphics that you can customize and edit using any of the default PowerPoint commands.

In the picture below, I’ve added:

  • A red Shape Fill – to match a potential project
  • A black Shape Outline
  • A Round Bevel –  to give the three icons a bit of 3-D texture

Phone Icon Step 7 - format your graphic

You can obviously format your icons any way you like depending on your project. You can also combine icons or take pieces away depending on the effect that you are going for.

Getting at More Icons

Now that you know this clever little PowerPoint trick, the next thing you’ll want to do is set up an Icon Font Cutter Tool so that you can download and cut out as many free icons as you want.

To set up an Icon Font Cutter Tool, simply:

  1. Set up a rectangle and text box like I showed you how to do in the tutorial above.
  2. Add the 223 possible character types to your text box (including the capital cases, lower cases and all of the special characters).

To see mine in action, click play on the video below. If you want my tool for yourself, you can download it directly beneath the video.