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The Cymbeline Template by SlidesCarnival (Reviewed)

The Basset template is one of our favorite PowerPoint templates you can find online (party because it’s free).

To see which other templates we recommend (and why we like them so much), read our guide here.

What we like about the Cymbeline PowerPoint template by SlidesCarnival is it’s versatility.

It works for just about any business presentation because it’s very minimalist and was created in black and white. With that being said, some of the design elements are still fun and cheerful, such as the ripple effect and the use of icons.

Check out the Cymbeline Presentation Template by SlidesCarnival.

How to best use the Cymbeline Template

We recommend you use this template for presentations used in small settings, such as webinars, or in larger live presentations. That’s because the slides are fairly sparse and minimalist and it will be hard to fit a lot of content onto the slides without ruining the layout.

Below are some examples slides you will find in this free Cymbeline presentation template:

Examples of the title slide, divider slides and other layouts within the Cymbeline template
Example slides from the Cymbeline template by slidesCarnival

The Cymbeline template preview & review

If you’d like to see Camille’s full review of the Cymbeline PowerPoint template, plus see the other templates she recommends, click play below.

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