All the icons you'll ever need:

Download 886 Customizable Icons and See How the Icon Font Cutter Tool Gives You Access to Thousands of Other Free Icons

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Inside this ultimate icon resource bundle, you'll find:

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    My Font Cutter Tool – Unlock an infinite amount of fully customizable icons for your presentations without investing hundreds of dollars in subscription services. Use this easy icon cutter tool to cut out any icon from text, and take advantage of all the free icons you’ll ever need.
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    Font Cutter Tool Instructional Video – See exactly how to use my Font Cutter Tool and learn what best practices to use when downloading and cutting out free icons. If you’re not careful, it can crash PowerPoint.
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    The 886 Wingding/Webding Fonts – It took me almost FOUR FULL HOURS to cut all of these icons out for myself, but it’s done. Now you can use these 100% attribution-free icons to add visual elements to your slides, without the hassle of manually cutting them out yourself.
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    5 Inspiring Layouts – Use these 5 professional slide examples (with icons) to get your creative juices flowing. These are the kinds of slides companies pay big money for and you knock them out easily with icons.
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    My Icon Excel Maps – Use this map to quickly find the Wingding/Webding icon you want. Although I’ve already cut them all out for you, this is still a handy little resource for any slide designer to have in their back pocket.
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    Icon Cheat Sheet – See exactly where to look online to find an almost unlimited number of free icons for any project. There are even sexy icons out there you can use my Font Cutter Tool on…if that’s the kind of project you are working on.


Why am I giving this ultimate icon bundle away for free?

While most people would charge you money for these killer slide-asset resources, the fact is you already own them.

The 886 Wingding/Webding icons already exist on your computer and the icons I point you to are already available online for free (you just need to know where to look for them and how to cut them out).

When you use this Ultimate Icon Bundle, you’ll not only save a bunch of money and make your slides look more professional, you’ll also get one step closer to Happy Hour.

PowerPoint can be a black hole of productivity if you don’t know any better; but it doesn't have to be. Especially when you have plenty of great free resources at your fingerips. That’s why I started blogging in the first place, and why I'm giving this bundle away for free.

To grab the Ultimate Icon Bundle while we’re still giving it away, click the link below. You’ll also be subscribed to our newsletter which is chocked full of time saving tips and tricks to get you to Happy Hour.

How come I've never heard of these icons before?

Although very few people have heard of icon fonts, they’re not new. It's just that nobody's talked about them.

All Mac or PC owners have FOUR FULL LIBRARIES of icon fonts stashed away on their computers that they can use any way they like. The trick is understanding how to quickly break them out as customizable assets for your presentations – which my Icon Font Cutter tool makes super easy for you.

And once you know how to cut icons out of icon fonts, you can scour the web for free fonts out there that will give you an almost unlimited amount of icons to use and play with!

To grab this Ultimate Icon Bundle while it’s still available, just click the link below.


Click the Link Below to Download 886 Customizable Icons and See How to Get Thousands of Other Free Icons Floating around the Web