Spice Up Your Presentations

(with Creative Pre-Built Animations to WOW our Audience)

The Spicy Slide Pack lets you:

Hey, it's P-Spice. And I'm worried you have an attention problem...

As you know, my goal is to help you set your slides apart from the sea of sameness , so that when your clients, students, bosses, and colleagues see the following…

They can’t help but put their phones down, lean forward, and think WOW! They actually pay attention, since your story is much more engaging, impactful, and memorable.

And I know you can do it too because I do it every day in the corporate world (my day job) with the techniques I share in my videos.

And I get emails from subscribers like you all the time, sharing your amazing success stories (like winning competitions, making awesome marketing videos, and just generally having their mind blown and life changed)!

“That’s what I’m here for…and that’s my promise to you…to make your presentations spicier!”

Now you obviously know that I give away free resources in my videos to get you started on the right foot.  And if that’s all you ever need from me, you are set! You’ll never be charged a penny for those slides. They are my gift to you.

But I Also Want to Make Sure You Have a Chance to Get My Best Material.

If you want ALL of my slides – including those extra cool sequences that I don’t give away – you can buy my Spicy Slide PackTM, so you can:

Deconstruct Them

Pull apart all the shapes, animations and effects to see how they’re made.

Reuse Them

Take the slides (and all the effects) and paste them into your own presentations.

Build From Them

Combine, add to, and improve the animation sequences to your heart’s content.

But PLEASE don’t take my slides as they are, stick them up on a site like SlideShare or YouTube claiming they were originally yours. Sadly, this has happened to me (not fun!).

Here Are Some of the Sequences You Get Inside the Spicy Slide PackTM

What the Spicy Slide PackTM Does for You:

Spicy Slide Pack - Reduce Your Build Time

Reduce Your Build Time​

I’ve put a ton of time and energy into making these animations. All you have to do it copy and paste the slides or animations into your own presentations.

Spicy Slide Pack - Master Advanced Animations

Master Advanced Animations​

Break down my advanced animation sequences to see how I’ve built out the effects, piece by piece, so that you can learn how to make them in your own presentations.

Spicy Slide Pack - Get New Ideas

Get New Ideas

Finding inspiration is always difficult, time-consuming, and can even be anxiety-inducing. With all the animation sequences you’ll get, you’ll be able to go back to your Pack over and over for new and spicy ideas.

Spicy Slide Pack - Wow Your Audience!

Wow Your Audience!

I guarantee that if you use these slides in a presentation to your colleagues, students or clients, you'll get all kinds of OMG reactions, making your message more engaging and memorable. I know, because I get those reactions all the time with my slides!

Lia "P-Spice" from Spicy Presentations

The slides you’ll get in the Pack took me well over 150 hours of work to dream up, design and build out in PowerPoint (probably double that)…

If you hired an animation designer to do all that, it would cost you thousands of dollars! However, since I want to help you jump start your next project without breaking the bank, I’m going to give them to you at a special subscriber rate of a fraction of that price.

What You'll Get...

My Spicy Slide PackTM includes:

Get Instant Access to the Spicy Slide PackTM

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"THANK you!"

"I’ve used several effects already from the Pack to drop into presentations at school, and my teacher gave my team an A+ today for the creativity – I’ve been recommending your stuff to all my classmates – THANK you! - Mariana V.

"it's amazing"

"Just got the Pack, and it’s amazing - can’t wait to dig into all the effects and deconstruct – it’s going to be endless hours of animation inspiration and fun!” - Brian T.

"very useful"

"My client was impressed with the effects for the Spinning World and the vector animations in particular - very useful for ideas and to speed up the design process" - Anika S.

Latest Update:

Don't miss out on additional material and bonuses!

I added over 140 MB of animated sequences and 2MB of original images and vectors to the Spicy Slide Pack in 2022, including the X-Ray Box and the Dinosaur Breakout Post effects.

This is part of the 900+MB of material I’ve added to the Pack since its first release…and there will be plenty more each year!

Trusted by Individuals at Top Companies and Institutions Worldwide:

Logos of companies nuts and bolts speed training has trained

Get Instant Access to the Spicy Slide PackTM

Click the button below to learn more about how to get instant access to all of my best animation sequences!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

The Spicy Slide Pack includes all the slides from my YouTube videos, including the intro, transition and ending pieces that I have never shared anywhere else before. Inside the pack you will find 1.42GB of slides, tricks and resources, which you can see above.

The slides are broken into separate PowerPoint files so that you can easily find and navigate the animated effect you are most interested in, serving as an invaluable resource to you for years to come.

These include shooting starts, exploding fireworks, sparkling city night scenes, rotating globes, looping snow effects, interactive memory games, paint splash effects, and much MUCH more.

219 pages of illustrated how-to PDF tutorials

These tutorials will walk you step-by-step through 15 different animated sequences and techniques that are perfect for any learning style. Either open the finished sequence itself and deconstruct them using these PDFs, or start from a blank slide and build it from scratch yourself.

93 slides of the Spicy Resources (images, vectors, videos…) I used to build the animations themselves.

You won’t miss a single step as you start from scratch, using the same exact images I used; meaning that you don’t have to waste any time searching suitable graphics or images to animate.

9-page quick start guide to my YouTube Channel to turbo-charge your learning

This 9-page guide links directly to my YouTube channel (and includes notes from me) so that you can quickly find the video resources you need most to learn these animations and tricks faster.

Advanced 29-slide Crown Jewel Sequence, my Full Kinetic Typography Sequence.

All 29 expertly timed and animated slides from my full Kinetic Typography sequence – that I never thought I would give away! This is a full minute of continuous animation (often with several animations per second) – so it’s LOADED with tricks! And it’s what you want to eventually work up to.

Grandfathered into future Slide Pack updates.

As a member of the Spicy Slide Pack Community, you will also receive any future slides I add to the Pack (I’ve added over 950MB since the first edition!), for free, regardless of how I might raise the price in the future.

Animating PowerPoint slides does require extra effort, but it can pay off with huge dividends.

Well timed and executed animations, like you get in my Spicy Slide Pack, are an easy way to set your slides apart from everyone else. Instead of drowning your audience in the sea of same-ness, use animations to get your audience to put their phones down and pay attention.

I’m in! When Will I Get All of the Slides?


Great! You are going to love it!

All 1.42 GB of the Spicy Slide Pack (effects, animations, tutorials and resources) are ready to download right on your member dashboard.

As soon as you complete the checkout process, you’ll be granted access to your dashboard where the Pack is available for you to download immediately.

And, as I continue to add additional resources to the Pack, you’ll be one of the first to get the new slide resources. I usually send out a spunky little email with a link to download the new stuff.

Yes! That is exactly what the Spicy Slide Pack is for.

Feel free to deconstruct, tweak, mix-and-match and/or just plug-and-play these effects into your own presentations to wow your audiences. No citations necessary.

This again is a 150-hour jump start on your own projects, as that’s how long it took me to design, develop and execute these animations and effects. The time savings of using just one of the animations should pay for the pack itself in time-savings.

The only things you are not allowed to do with the Spicy Slide Pack are to re-sell it, give it away to anyone else and/or post the slides to the web (like on YouTube or Facebook) and claim that they are your own original work. I trust you not to do that.

PC Versions: All of these effects will work in the latest version of PowerPoint (Office 365). Most of them will also work in previous PC versions as well.

  • Video elements will not work in PowerPoint 2007 and earlier – this applies to just a couple of files with video embedded.
  • Files with the Morph Transition will just look like a fade in earlier versions – there are currently only 2 files that are based on this transition, however.

Mac Versions: I personally have a PC (given PowerPoint on a PC is most robust), but most of these effects should work on a Mac too (I have not had users report significant Mac issues). Below are two challenges that I have come across:

  • Just like for the PC versions, the Morph Transition just turns into a fade transition. So it will still display a transition, just not a Morph one.
  • Morph Transition will just look like a fade in earlier versions – there are currently only a couple of files that are based on this transition, however.