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Hey there, I’m Lia – also known as P-Spice!

I just sent you your slides (hope you enjoy) and I have a bunch more for you that will help you jump start your next presentation…

But first off, a warning!…

You have just stumbled into the most dynamic PowerPoint animations and effects community out there …

Where my goal is to help you set your slides apart from the sea of sameness, so that when your clients, students, and colleagues see something like…

They immediately pay attention and think WOW! They know this isn’t their average presentation.
I use fun techniques like these every day in the corporate world (my day job) – and love helping others learn them too.

And I get emails from subscribers like you all the time, sharing your amazing success stories, like winning competitions, making awesome marketing videos, and just generally having their mind blown!
That’s what I’m here for…

To help you SPICE UP your presentations!

Now you obviously know I give free slides away (I just sent you some)…

And you can expect that from most of my posts – free stuff to get you started on the right foot…and if that’s all you ever need from me, you’re all set!

But I also want to make sure you have a chance to get all of my very best material.

So if you want my FULL slides…including those extra cool sequences I don’t give away.

You can buy them as long as you use them in the right way.

When you buy my Spicy Slide Pack you are free to:

Just please don’t take my slides as they are, stick them up on a site like SlideShare or YouTube claiming they were originally yours… (it’s happened to me before).

If you agree, here’s sampling of what you’ll get with the Spicy Slide Pack:

With my Spicy Slide Pack, you’ll now have access to perfectly timed animations that you can deconstruct and reverse-engineer.

With my Spicy Slide Pack you will be able to:

The slides you’ll get in the Spicy Slide Pack took me well over 100 hours of work to dream up, design and build out in PowerPoint…

(If you hired an animation designer to do all from scratch, it would cost thousands of dollars.)

You can get these at a special subscriber rate of less than 1% of that price…

So here’s the deal. As part of the spicy community, you can get my entire Spicy Slide Pack which includes:

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Here’s to spicier slides!
~ P-Spice