CUTTING EDGE Live Training You Can't Find Anywhere Else...

"How to Think and Design in Virtual Reality"

Getting ahead of the virtual reality wave without any coding or expensive equipment! 

In this exclusive Indezine 90-minute live training, you'll discover:

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    Practical, easy ways to use virtual reality (VR) today with clients, colleagues, and audiences
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    How to think through and design basic VR environments without a bunch of expensive equipment or coding experience
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    Create and join VR collaboration environments
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    How to create “VR tours” of any physical space
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    Unlock a NEW virtual reality 3D object library in PowerPoint

The webinar is LIVE on July 10th, at 1pm EST!


Discover the Game-Changing Tech Tools for the Presentations of Tomorrow!

In response to a lot of questions I’ve received about Virtual Reality presentations, I've decided to hold a special Virtual Reality training event, and want to make it available to the Indezine community.

"How to Think and Design in Virtual Reality" - Getting ahead of the coming virtual reality wave!

The training event is designed to not only get you ready for what’s coming soon, but also give you the tools you need to think and design in virtual reality - with no special equipment, coding experience, or massive budget.

That way, you can be one of the first to start incorporating VR tools into your work - and blow your audience away!  (I haven’t seen anyone else using this kind of stuff yet in presentations.)

During the training, I'll show you a variety of my favorite VR tools and platforms, sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

I'll also show you how VR relates back to PowerPoint, 3D models and other cool stuff that’s all converging.

To discover how you can start thinking and designing with VR, use the button below to purchase.

Where do we even begin...?

Every day there are tons of things happening in VR - new startups, apps, innovations, events, articles, apps, etc.

If you try to follow it all like I do through newsletters, Twitter, media alerts, it’s really hard to keep up...

However, I distill it all to only the most practical, relevant content for meetings and presentations – stuff you can actually make or use yourself today with little or no extra investment. 

I’ve been researching this for many months and am preparing a conference presentation on it later this year. No one else I’ve seen covers VR from this angle.

At the end of the training, you’ll be able to:
  • Sift through the firehose of stuff going on with virtual reality to focus on PRACTICAL, easy ways to use it today
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    Think through and design basic virtual reality environments without having to invest in a bunch of expensive equipment (as long as you have a smartphone and an internet browser, you have all the equipment you need to start exploring the space)
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    Create and join VR collaboration environments with clients, friends and colleagues
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    Start exploring the next evolution in digital photography - 360 Photo Spheres, or immersive photos that fully surround you (and you can already make them today with your smartphone)
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    Create “virtual reality tours” of any physical space that are viewable in a computer browser or VR headset
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    Discover how to convert Photo Spheres into one-of-a-kind slide backgrounds that you can start using as titles slides in your presentations today
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    Unlock a NEW virtual reality 3D object library in PowerPoint you can start using today

Hope to see you virtually inside,