"New and Improved Design and Animation Techniques"

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Topics Covered

Trick #1: Cool Photo Effects (03:52 – 21:25) Trick #2: Games with Triggers (21:25 – 32:48) Trick #3: Motion Text Effects (32:48 – 38:58) Trick #Morph Transition (38:58 – 50:02) Wrap Up & Takeaways (50:02)

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Questions & Answers

1. For the photo effect, can you save each of the pieces of the picture as separate files?

Yes, you can. If you are just doing that for animation though, it will animate perfectly just the way it is.

2. Can you use the animation painter to move triggers from one object to another? Yes, for simple triggers, you can.

However, if you have a complex animation / trigger combination (as I did for the cards), it’s better to just copy/paste the objects themselves – that way, all the animations and triggers are duplicated perfectly.

3. If you have a lot of objects, how can you organize them in a way to make them easier to deal with (for triggers, animations, etc.)?

You can use the Selection Pane (hit ALT + F10) to open up all the objects you have. You can then rename them by clicking on them and retyping whatever you want there. This is also a great way to hide certain objects while working with others so you don’t have to keep saying “send to back” etc.

4. How do you make and where can you get GIFs?

Check out Giphy.com (I show a quick demo of this in my new video, by the way – see below). However, I personally make my GIFs in Camtasia for better quality (just use the GIF option when producing the file).

5. Where can I get the Morph transition?

Currently, it’s available on Office 365 (PowerPoint 2016) for consumers if you have all the latest updates.

Thanks for watching the webinar replay and thanks so much for joining the Spicy Slide Pack community. I’ve had a great time putting all my best material together for you, and I hope you’re enjoying going through it too!

Perhaps down the road I’ll host another webinar for you all. Let me know if there are any particular topics you’d like me to cover.

Thanks again, and have a great week! Keep it spicy,