Grab My All My BEST Slides This Week and Save $50.


NEW Spicy Slide Pack Highlights:

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#4: Tell me more about the Slide Pack. What can I expect?

Details about this time-sensitive offer:

#1: What’s the deadline to join at the subscriber discount and save $50?

The deadline to use your $50 Subscriber Coupon for my NEW Spicy Slide is this Friday at 11:59PM US Pacific.

The Spicy Slide Pack is $149.99 on my website, so if you want to get in and save $50, simply use one of the links on this page to join before this Friday at midnight US Pacific Standard Time.

#2: Why go to all the effort to animate your slides in the first place?

Animating PowerPoint slides does require extra effort, but it can pay off with huge dividends.

For example, which of the slides below would you prefer to present?


As you can see above, well timed and executed animations, like you get in my Spicy Slide Pack, are an easy way to set your slides apart from everyone else.

Instead of drowning your audience in the sea of same-ness, use animations to get your audience to put their phones down and pay attention.

#3: I’m in! When will I get all of the slides?

Great! You are going to love it!

The over 1 gigabyte of slides, resources, tutorials and assets are ready to download now!

As soon as you click the link below and complete the checkout process, three things will happen:

Thing #1: You will be taken to a page where you can immediately purchase the Slide Pack, as well as create your username/password.

Thing #2: Within an hour, you will receive an email with a link to access your account so you can download the Slide Pack from your customer dashboard.

Thing #3: As I continue to add additional resources to the Pack, you’ll be one of the first to get the new slide resources. I usually send out a spunky little email with a link to download the new stuff.

Again, the Spicy Slide Pack includes over 1 GIGABYTE of slides and resources, so it might take few minutes to download depending on your internet speed.

#4: Tell me more about the Slide Pack. What can I expect?

The Spicy Slide Pack includes all the slides from my YouTube videos, including the intro, transition and ending pieces that I have never shared anywhere else before. Inside the pack you will find over 1BG of slides, tricks and resources:

#5: Am allowed to use the Slides and Effects in my own presentations?

Yes! That is exactly what the Spicy Slide Pack is for.

Feel free to deconstruct, tweak, mix-and-match and/or just plug-and-play these effects into your own presentations to wow your audiences. No citations necessary.

This again is a 150-hour jump start on your own projects, as that’s how long it took me to design, develop and execute these animations and effects. The time savings of using just one of the animations should pay for the pack itself in time-savings.

The only things you are not allowed to do with the Spicy Slide Pack are to re-sell it, give it away to anyone else and/or post the slides to the web (like on YouTube or Facebook) and claim that they are your own original work. I trust you not to do that.

#6: What specific slide decks are include in the Pack?

There is a ton of stuff inside the slide pack (as you can see above).

Here are just a few of the sequence you get inside the Spicy Slide Pack now:

Below is a list of the different slide decks from my YouTube channel (with intro, outro and specific effects slides includes).