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PowerPoint is arguably the single most important software program you can master today.

That’s because it’s used for just about everything, in both business and education. That includes crafting presentations, building client deliverables, editing and saving pictures, creating animated graphics, producing training videos, and more.

No other software program is used for a wider variety of things. That’s why it’s still the industry gold standard, and it’s not going away.

There’s never been a better time to take your skills to the next level and become a PowerPoint Pro, so join us today!

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Get 4 Premium PowerPoint Training Courses ($1,247 value)

#1. The PowerPoint 3X Training System ($299 value)

Course Overview: Discover how to create professional PowerPoint slides for the business world, 3 times faster than you ever thought possible. Inside PowerPoint 3X, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Build and edit slides that won’t break when someone touches them
  2. Fast track everything you do in PowerPoint using keyboard shortcuts
  3. Leverage little-known tricks and PowerPoint secrets to build more professional slides faster

PowerPoint 3X is our most popular course, with over 7,000 students, and the only course that guarantees to triple your productivity in PowerPoint (or more, as many students report).

Your Instructor: Taylor Croonquist

Taylor Croonquist PowerPoint Speed Trainer

Taylor is a heavy Excel and PowerPoint user, who started his career in the financial consulting division of PwC in New York, and then moved overseas to live in Beijing, China.

There, Taylor first worked with a startup (which sadly failed), and then as a consultant for a merchant bank helping companies find financing and joint-venture partners in China.

Inside PowerPoint 3X, Taylor shows you how to triple your productivity in PowerPoint, using a unique workflow that is packed full of hacks, shortcuts and little-known tricks he picked up over his career.

“Once you are using PowerPoint like this (the way it was designed to be used), you’ll never be able to build slides the old way again.” – Taylor

Pat Shah
PowerPoint 3X graduate

#2. Spicy PowerPoint Animations Course ($299 value)

Course Overview: Unleash your creativity in PowerPoint by learning how to properly strategize, design and build out engaging effects and impressive transitions using PowerPoint animations.

Most people are intimidated by the Animations tab, but there is no need to be. With just a bit of instruction, you’ll find that you can harness the power of animations for amazing results.

In this course, you’ll learn how to mix and match 34 unique animation techniques together, as you build out a self-running professional sequence of slides and effects that includes over 200 animation effects.

Your Instructor: P-Spice

picture of P-Spice

A management consultant by day and a PowerPoint animations guru on the side, Lia (A.K.A. P-Spice) runs a very popular PowerPoint animations channel on YouTube now with over 60,000 subscribers and 6.8 million total views.

Lia is an expert at finding new and creative ways to create professional “I can’t believe that is PowerPoint” effects, 100% inside of PowerPoint.

In the Spicy PowerPoint Animations Course, P-Spice reveals all her best secrets and shows you step-by-step how to think through and create your own unique effects.

Find out how you can unleash your creativity in PowerPoint for the classroom or the board room (P-Spice is a management consultant after all)!

“The secret to advanced animations and effects in PowerPoint has nothing to do with innate skills or artistic talent (I personally don’t have it!)…It really all boils down to simple skills and buildable techniques that anyone can learn.” – P-Spice

Jean Paviour-Smith
Spicy PowerPoint Animations Course graduate

#3. PowerPoint Templates That Work ($597 value)

Course Overview: Learn the step-by-step proven system for building, editing and deploying your very own customized PowerPoint template that works in your organization.

The truth is… most PowerPoint templates don’t work (even in large organizations). And there are a variety of reasons why they might not be working… but all it takes is 1 broken template to ruin every single presentation you create or edit. 

In this course, Camille walks you through how to build them right from the ground up so that you can use them forever.

Your Instructor: Camille Holden

Picture of Camille Holden PowerPoint speed trainer

Camille worked in PR & Marketing and Event Planning while living overseas, and often struggled to get her client’s PowerPoint presentations to work right.

After realizing that it always came down to an issue with templates, she became determined to solve it once and for all. She embarked on a journey to learn the ins and outs of templates so that she could make her clients’ lives – and now yours – easier.

In PowerPoint Templates That Work, Camille walks you through the full process of thinking through, designing, building and deploying a PowerPoint template that your company can count on.

In just 9 short modules, you’ll have in your hand, a beautifully designed template that works and that you can send out to your team or client (and they will thank you for it). 

“90% of most people’s struggles in PowerPoint can be traced back to a broken or improperly built PowerPoint template. That’s something you’ll never have to struggle with again.” – Camille

Christine Langley
PowerPoint Templates That Work graduate

#4. Full Screen Visual Images ($99 value)

Course Overview: Learn how to turn almost any picture you have into a professional slide background for your slide, using 6 mix and match techniques that you can often apply in just a couple of minutes.

Discover what you can and can’t do with images, as you learn to pull off Photoshop-like effects 100% within PowerPoint. You can use all of these techniques in Photoshop too, but it’s often faster and easier to do inside of PowerPoint.

Your Instructor: Taylor Croonquist

Taylor Croonquist PowerPoint Speed Trainer

Taylor is a heavy Excel and PowerPoint user, who started his career in the financial consulting division of PwC in New York, and then moved overseas to live in Beijing, China.

There, Taylor first worked with a startup (which sadly failed), and then as a consultant for a merchant bank helping companies find financing and joint-venture partners in China.

Inside Full Screen Visual Images you’ll learn how to quickly and effectively create full screen background images for your slides, regardless of what your client sends you.

No more wasted afternoons hunting for the perfect image that fits your content, or being stuck with a picture that doesn’t fit.

“I guarantee you will be shocked at how quickly and easily you can turn almost any photo around using these 6 unique techniques, creating professional images for your slides.” – Taylor

Grace Judson
Full Screen Visual Images graduate

Get Instant Access to It All and More) Today, for Just $37/Month or $347/Year (save $97)

Download and Use Our 3 Premium PowerPoint Slide Packs ($326 value)

#1. The Layout Bank ($149 value)

Download the Layout Bank, which includes over 400 pre-built slides that you can use however you like in your presentations.

While you’ll learn how to quickly build out these kinds of professional slides faster inside PowerPoint 3X (which you get access to with your membership), being able to quickly copy and paste them into your presentations will significantly cut down your development time.

On top of that, all of the slides are built to “respect both ends of the deck”.

That means they are built using the best slide practices so they won’t break when someone touches them.

#2. The Spicy Slide Pack ($149 value)

Download over 780MB of custom-built PowerPoint animations and effects that you can use to spice up your presentations.

You’ll learn how to build out many of these types of animations and effects inside the Spicy Animations Course (which you’ll get access to with your membership), but this slide deck will significantly cut down your development time.

The Spicy Slide Pack includes all of P-Spice’s animated sequences from her YouTube channel, which you can’t get anywhere else.

#3. The Template Starter Pack ($28 value)

Download 4 fully loaded PowerPoint templates you can confidently use to build your PowerPoint presentations, over and over again.

Each of these 4 templates includes all of the “missing” pieces that most templates you find online are lacking, including:

  • Fully formatted Parent and Child Layouts
  • Fully formatted Notes and Handout Masters
  • The font and color theme files for each template
  • Documentation of its features and installation
  • Formatted Grayscale and B&W printing options

All of which means you’ll be building your presentations on solid ground… making your life a lot easier.

Bonus Course: PowerPoint Shortcuts Mastery

Double your productivity with the right shortcuts

Shortcuts are the FASTEST way to double your productivity in PowerPoint.

That’s what this course is all about: Leveraging the 4 types of shortcuts to speed up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do in Microsoft PowerPoint. And the cool thing is, these shortcuts work in Microsoft Word and Excel too!

Inside this bite-sized course, you’ll learn out how to best speed up your workflow using:

  1. Hold Shortcuts (including Shift-Sister shortcuts)
  2. Hybrid Shortcuts (including Power Hybrid Shortcuts)
  3. Ribbon Guide Shortcuts
  4. QAT Shortcuts (the best-kept PowerPoint secret)

The best thing is that for many of these shortcuts, you won’t have to memorize a bunch of keyboard strokes! That’s because most of them are visible shortcuts, which means you can pick them up as you are working without having to commit them to memory.

With each video lesson, you’ll learn killer keyboard shortcut combinations and get hands-on experience setting up and using the best PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts (including what we call the million-dollar shortcut) available to you.

The course also includes 6 PDF cheat sheets grouped by the different keyboard shortcut types.

So. Are you ready to do everything faster in PowerPoint?

Get Instant Access to It All and More) Today, for Just $37/Month or $347/Year (save $97)

Monthly Coaching and Webinar Training ($49/month value)

Join us once a month to learn the latest PowerPoint tips and tricks. With the monthly webinar trainings, you’ll get:

  1. Topic specific solutions to questions we’ve received over the past month. That way you can see what other professionals are struggling with and learn how to solve it too.
  2. Discover how to best use the latest PowerPoint feature releases like subtitles, the Morph transition, creating 3D effects and more. This allows you to stay ahead of the PowerPoint curve.
  3. Get advice and coaching on how to create more engaging and to the point slides.
  4. Learn the latest tips and tricks we’ve discovered working in PowerPoint, to stay at the top of your game.

The monthly training webinars are held live at the end of every month, allowing you to interact with us and ask whatever questions you have.

If you can’t make the training live, a replay with show notes is sent out typically within 48 hours of the webinar.

Heather Wilson
Monthly Coaching member

The Webinar Vault (over 40 hours of topic-specific PowerPoint tips & tricks)

In addition to the monthly live webinars, you’ll get access to our entire Webinar Vault, which includes 4 years’ worth of past webinar recordings.

The Vault currently contains over 40 hours of indexed tips and tricks including topics like:

  • How to quickly rip text out of pictures to use in your presentation without wasting time retyping any of it (which is never a good use of your time).
  • Re-creating fully editable PowerPoint and Excel charts from non-editable pictures of charts you find in PDF reports.
  • Creating interactive and non-linear presentations with combinations of hyperlinks, action settings and custom slide shows.
  • Varied techniques for creating cinemagraphs directly in PowerPoint without using any 3rd party software.
  • How to correctly navigate and setup your slide masters so that PowerPoint does the heavy lifting for you.
  • And much more.

These are some of our best tricks that we don’t share anywhere else online… all easily indexed in handy PDF guides.

Margo Swanson
Monthly Coaching member

VIP Email Help and Support (priceless)

If you have a question about PowerPoint or run into a problem, just send it our way and we will help you out.

Often times, we just shoot a helpful little video to show you exactly how to solve your problem, like we did for this student:

No matter what you’re struggling with in PowerPoint, I guarantee you that we can find some trick or technique that will make your life easier.

Forget the Office help button or the crappy online support forums… and say hello to your own personal PowerPoint geek squad! Simply email us and we’ll get back to you with help.

Mitch Sklar
VIP Support member

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We’re always coming up with improvements to current material, as well as new courses, downloads and training… all with the goal of turning you into a PowerPoint Pro and making your worklife easier.

As a member of this PowerPoint Pro program, you’ll get access to it all, the minute we release it… at no additional cost!

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