Test Your PowerPoint Skills

The Warped Coffee Cup Challenge

Your new client Starbucks sends you a slide that they want to use for the agenda at their upcoming annual meeting.

The problem is, someone has badly distorted the image of the coffee cup on the left, and (for a very specific reason) it WON’T automatically reset.

You can try it out yourself by directly downloading the slide (click here – no opt-in required).

When you try to reset the image as you normally would…

  1. Picture Tools Format Tab
  2. Reset Picture
  3. Reset Picture & Size

…NOTHING happens!

The question is, can you save your new client’s day and fix the picture anyway?

And I don’t mean to simply stretch the picture out in a ‘guesstimated’ way – I mean getting back to the original image itself.

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While pictures are the FASTEST way to improve the quality of your slides…

One distorted image like this can make your entire presentation look sloppy… so it’s definitely something you’ll want to fix.

This is a real-world PowerPoint problem you are bound to face, and there are TWO different ways to solve it (one of which takes less than 5 seconds).

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