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The Most Worthless-yet-Awesome PowerPoint Command


Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe for years you’ve thought…this has to be the most WORTHLESS PowerPoint command / option ever…I can’t believe they’ve included this in the program! And then one day…BAMMMM…it turns out to be THE MOST amazing command or option ever?!?

Well that’s exactly what happened to me!

I discovered the “Lock Drawing Mode” the same way you discover most new commands in PowerPoint, by complete accident. While in the Shapes Gallery, I accidentally right-clicked a rectangle and realized I could continue to insert rectangles for infinity…and I immediately deemed the command WORTHLESS!

Then one day I’m building a company hierarchy slide and BAMMM…I realize that the Lock Drawing Mode is the most AWESOME command ever!

Check out this short video to see how to use it:

In a nutshell

Here's how to use the Lock Drawing Mode;

  1. Open the Shapes gallery
  2. Right-click an object and select 'Lock Drawing Mode'
  3. Draw the object onto your slide continuously

To stop drawing that shape, simply hit Escape on your keyboard.

Video tutorial

Step by step

From the Home tab or the Insert tab, find your Shapes gallery.

Step #2: Right-click an object and lock it

Right-click an object (we find this works best with lines), and in the right-click menu, select, select Lock Drawing Mode.

PowerPoint 2013 Lock Drawing Mode

Step #3: Draw the objects onto your slide

With the drawing mode locked, you can now freestyle draw in as many lines as you need to hook your entire hierarchy or flow process up in one go. Amazing!

Note: To stop drawing that shape, simply hit Escape on your keyboard.

Got anything better?

Do you have an even better Worthless-Yet-Awesome command or option? Share it down below to make sure it isn’t cut from the next version of Office!

What's next?

Updated on December 10, 2017

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