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How to Crop and Resize Multiple Pictures (in One Go)


Although few people know this trick, it’s actually possible to crop and resize many pictures in one go so that they’re all the same dimensions.

Not only that, but PowerPoint does all of the heavy lifting for you. You just need to eyeball the results and make sure they look right.

 This is an AMAZING trick that few people know about but that can save you huge amounts of time. Follow the written steps or watch the video demonstration below.

[Watch] Resize multiple pictures at once

If instead of making your picture backgrounds transparent, you can also use PowerPoint to remove your image backgrounds. For help with that, see Remove image background in PowerPoint.

Step #1: Select all of your pictures

Holding the SHIFT key, select all the pictures that you want to resize. It doesn’t matter how many you have, and whether or not they have the same dimensions (squarer or more rectangular).

PowerPoint Picture Transparency Multiple Step #1 - Select All of your Pictures

Step #2: Throw the pictures at SmartArt

With the pictures selected, navigate to the ‘Picture Tools Format’ tab and select the ‘Picture Layout’ command.

Pro Tip

If you hover your mouse (rather than click) on the picture layouts, PowerPoint will show you a preview of what your images will look like in each SmartArt layout.

Now select a picture layout that is closest to your needs. In the image below, the ‘Picture Grid’ is selected.

PowerPoint Picture Transparency Multiple Step #2 - Use the Picture Layout Command


The SmartArt options only include squares, rectangles, circles and hexagons. If you want a different shape, you will have to fill shapes with pictures one by one.

Step #3: Break the SmartArt graphic

Now that the images have been sucked up into a SmartArt graphic, we will need to ‘break’ the graphic in order to revert back to standard shapes. We can do this in two ways:

Method #1: Ungroup it twice, wither by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + G on your keyboard twice or by right-clicking and selecting ‘Ungroup’ (if you’re asked if you want to continue, select ‘Yes’).

Method #2: In the ‘SmartArt Tools Design’ tab, click on ‘Convert’ and then ‘Convert to Shapes.

Step #4: Clean up the slide

Now that the pictures have been converted into shapes, the final step is to remove the extra shapes and text that may have come with it. You may also have borders on your shapes, which you can remove like you normally do.

PowerPoint Picture Transparency Multiple Step #3 - Break SmartArt

Pro Tip

Now that your pictures are inside shapes, you can do a few neat things with them, such as make your pictures transparent and make your picture outlines match your shape outlines.

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Updated on May 22, 2019

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