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Duplicate Slide Shortcut: The Secret to Saving Your Work


The duplicate shortcut and the duplicate slide shortcuts are two of our favorite PowerPoint shortcuts, as they are twice as fast as copy/paste AND they have a hidden bonus feature.

The duplicate slide shortcut is a SHIFT-sister shortcut of the duplicate shortcut in PowerPoint.

To see these two shortcuts in action (plus the hidden feature of the duplicate shortcut) see the short video below.

To see a list of our 80 favorite PowerPoint shortcuts, see our list here.

[Watch] The Duplicate Shortcuts Tutorial

Duplicate shortcut


Duplicate slide shortcut


These keyboard shortcuts work in PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013, and PowerPoint 2016.

The Duplicate Shortcut


The Duplicate shortcut creates a new copy of whatever you have selected in PowerPoint including text boxes, shapes, lines, charts, SmartArt graphics, pictures, icons, slides etc.

To use the shortcut, simply select the object that you want to create a duplicate copy of (for your slide, you’ll have to select it in the window on the left) and hit CTRL+D.

CTRL+D is twice as fast as the Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) shortcuts.

On top of that, if you build your slides using the concepts of relative alignment and positioning, you can use the secret feature of the Duplicate shortcut to quickly fill in your slides layout.

 To learn more about why the duplicate shortcut is better than the copy / paste shortcuts, see our post here.

The Duplicate Slide Shortcut


Once you know the normal Duplicate shortcut, you can quickly learn it’s SHIFT-sister shortcut - the Duplicate Slide shortcut - by simply throwing in the SHIFT key (CTRL+SHIFT+D).

Different than the Duplicate shortcut, the Duplicate Slide Shortcut works regardless of what you are currently doing in PowerPoint. You do not need to select anything to make this work.

Simply hit CTRL+SHIFT+D on your keyboard and you will automatically create a duplicate copy of the slide you are currently working on.

This is extremely useful when you are creating alternate layout ideas for your clients, bosses or colleagues but you want to save the original layout in case you like it better.

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Updated on May 22, 2019

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