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How to Move Beyond the Default PowerPoint Formatting


Are you like me? Can you notice “default PowerPoint formatting” in slides from a mile away?

Default Formatting in PowerPoint


And when you spot default PowerPoint formatting in other peoples’ presentations, what does it say about the quality of  their work?

To me it screams laziness. And though it probably shouldn’t matter, if you’re working in the professional services industry, a default looking PowerPoint presentation just won’t cut the mustard.

So if we’re aspiring beyond the defaults, the question is:

How do we make our PowerPoint presentations stand out and look like we invested a good amount of time in them, without having to spend countless hours (or even days) designing the heck out of them?

Thankfully, just a little bit of effort can make a world of a difference in PowerPoint!

Beyond the default PowerPoint formatting video tutorial

Check out this video for some low hanging fruit tips and examples of how to quickly take your slide layouts above and beyond the default PowerPoint formatting:

1. Never settle for default PowerPoint formatting

If it’s default, it’s dull…and that’s the last thing that is going to make your PowerPoint presentation awesome. Remember, just a little bit of effort, can make a world of a difference!

2. Never settle for Quick Style PowerPoint formatting

One-Click formatting solutions in PowerPoint are just as bad as the defaults. So when you use quick styles, use them only as a means to get closer to your desired formatting faster. After that, make the effort to own your formatting.

Bonus Happy Hour PowerPoint tip

Let PowerPoint do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t spend time formatting something what PowerPoint can do 10x faster and 10x better. If you don’t like the formatting that PowerPoint gives you, you can always format away from it just like any other default formatting.

PowerPoint Slide Layout - chart + highlight box
PowerPoint Slide Layout - table + two highlight boxes
PowerPoint Slide Layout - three step flow process arrows
PowerPoint Slide Layout - two contact tables

Examples of non-default slides

Is there anything we missed? If you have other things related to default formatting that you want to add to the conversation, let us know in the comments down below.

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Updated on April 5, 2019

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