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PowerPoint Templates That Work

A Proven Step-by-Step System to Build, Edit and Distribute PowerPoint Templates That Work!

What is PowerPoint Templates That WorkTM?

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PowerPoint Templates That Work is my step-by-step proven system for building, editing and deploying your very own customized PowerPoint template that works in your organization.

Literally step-by-step and nothing is left out!

This BRAND NEW 9-module reading course walks you through exactly how to create and work with your very own customized template in PowerPoint.

The truth is… most PowerPoint templates don’t work (even in large organizations).

And there are a variety of reasons why they might not be working, including missing placeholders, wrong colors and fonts, mismatched custom layouts, and a bunch of other ‘gotchas’ that can pop up when building out a template.

And the worst part is that all it takes is 1 broken template to ruin every single presentation you create or edit

That’s why if you and/or your team are continually frustrated in PowerPoint building your presentations, it’s probably not PowerPoint that is the problem, it’s your company template.

And if you don’t fix your template, who will?

It’s your job to make sure you’re using PowerPoint to its fullest – even if you don’t have a say over the corporate template you’re using or the practices of your clients or colleagues.

How long will you wait until you address the elephant in the room that’s making your life harder than it needs to be?

How many hours will you continue to waste on performing unnecessary tasks and on putting out fires?

How many presentations will you continue to build on a shaky (at best) foundation?

PowerPoint templates are the very bedrock of your presentations – whether you use custom or generic ones – and they influence absolutely EVERYTHING:

  • Whether or not your fonts, colors and branding display properly…
  • Whether the slides you copy and paste into your presentation convert properly…
  • Whether your content displays on screen (and prints) the way you want it to…
  • Whether you can edit content without detonating hidden landmines that totally derail your workflow and process…

This means that no matter what your experience with templates, you’re 100% reliant on them, whether you know it or not.

And it means you NEED to make sure that you are using a real PowerPoint template that WORKS.

Knowing how to build one properly will benefit EVERYTHING you do in PowerPoint.

Plus, understanding how the underpinnings of the software work will help you better use the program in general and avoid many of the big frustrations people encounter daily.

In PowerPoint Templates That Work, you’ll learn the fastest and best way to build, edit and distribute your very own custom PowerPoint template across your organization with confidence that it will finally WORK

What's included in PowerPoint Templates That Work?

Everything You Need to Start Designing, Building and Deploying a PowerPoint Template that You LOVE:
  • A 9-module step-by-step system in a combination of PDF lessons & exercises, and a few video demos.
  • Detailed lessons & exercises that you can download and print.
  • 7 amazing & useful bonuses, including resource guides, sample slides, video how-tos, and more.
  • Unlimited access & login 24/7 (all contents are digital and downloadable).
  • The confidence that the template you build will actually work!

How You Can Learn to Build PowerPoint Templates that Work

In just 9 short modules, you’ll have in your hand, a beautifully designed template that works and that you can send out to your team or client (and they will thank you for it). Here’s how:


Module #1: Learn what goes into a PowerPoint Template that Works (and how to avoid building a fake template by mistake).

  • Learn what a template REALLY is (and what it isn’t).
  • Discover how a theme, a template and the slide master are different.
  • Learn how to diagnose whether you can fix a broken template, or if you need to start over.

Module #2: Learn to design a GREAT looking template that you’re proud of, even if you have ZERO design experience

  • Learn how to quickly pull together and create a design inspiration board.
  • Discover key principles for how to marry good design and good template functionality .
  • Use my favorite design principles and guidelines to create a beautiful and polished design you are proud of (no previous design skills or experience required).

Module #3: Properly design and build your PowerPoint theme (avoiding all of the common mistakes that most people make).

  • Understand the workings of the color palette and how to create a custom one that’s attractive and also functional.

  • Get design tips on what types of fonts and colors look best for what types of templates.

  • Build your own custom theme, step-by-step, the RIGHT way.

Module #4: Now that all of the groundwork has been laid, you’re ready to open PowerPoint and start building out your template.

  • Learn the TRUE role of the Parent Slide and how it
  • Find out the weird and wonderful ways the Parent Slide can make or break your template.
  • Create your own Parent Layout inside the Slide Master View… the RIGHT way

Module #5: Set up your template slides the RIGHT WAY (so that they actually work the way they are supposed to when people want to use them).

  • Learn my step-by-step process for building out your child layouts properly from the get-go.

  • Discover the TRUE role of your child layouts and common mistakes to avoid when setting up your slide layouts for the long run.

  • Learn my best slide design tips, tricks and best practices for properly setting up slide layouts that will be easy to work with.

Module #6: Set up your Handout Master and Notes Mater (no PowerPoint template is truly complete without setting these up first).

    • Learn the ins and outs of properly building out your Handout Master (and common mistakes to avoid).

    • Learn the ins and outs of properly building out your Notes Master (and common mistakes to avoid).

Module #7: Nail down the final details of your PowerPoint template before you roll it out (these are important details that you don’t want to overlook).

  • Iron out some of the final details, including the default shape settings, Printing Color Options, and saving your template properly.
  • Make sure that all the hard work you put in so far is locked in and secure.
  • Learn additional best practices and know-how for adjusting the key settings of a PowerPoint template.

Module #8: How to properly test & troubleshoot your template to make sure it’s perfect before you roll it out.

  • Discover my step-by-step process for testing and troubleshooting your template to catch any last minute bugs and errors.

  • Learn how to properly create user instructions for your team and clients.

  • Learn how to properly train up your team so that they use your template correctly and save time building their presentations.

Module #9: How to properly distribute your BRAND NEW (and beautiful) PowerPoint template so everyone can start using it (and using it properly).

  • Learn how to distribute your template so people can finally start using it (yay!).

  • Learn about how to protect your template throughout its life cycle and how to make changes to it down the road.

7 bonuses to take your template skills to the NEXT level!

BONUS #1: The Template Builder’s Roadmap.

This is a 7-page PDF of the 205+ steps you need to take and all the items you need to double-check in your PowerPoint template before you finalize it (to make sure you don’t miss any critical steps).

BONUS #2: The Template Designer’s Resource Guide.

A 6-page PDF list of over 80 helpful resources, websites and tools for getting design inspiration for your templates. This bonus is here to help you become more confident and creative in your template design.

BONUS #3: My Template Design Inspiration Board.

This is a 70+-slide PPT file with a collection of beautiful examples of color palettes, fonts and font combinations, and slide layouts that I’ve collected throughout 2018. You can pull from and use it in your own templates and presentations. The document is broken up into sections to make it easier to browse, and contains notes about why I included each element.

BONUS #4: Template Instruction Guide & Sample Slides

This is a 14-slide PPT file and it’s a sample of a detailed user instruction & sample slide deck I’ve created for clients in the past. You can reuse and repurpose it to share your template more easily with clients/colleagues, by giving them clear and detailed instructions.

BONUS #5: The Lab: Diagnosing a Broken Template.

In this 30 minute live video teardown, watch over my shoulder as I walk through how to identify all the possible errors and things that can go wrong with a template. That way you can identify what’s wrong with any template that your boss, client or colleague sends you and quickly figure out whether you can fix the template, or whether the template needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

BONUS #6: Template Instruction Guide & Sample Slides

Just because you build a new PowerPoint template that works, doesn’t mean that all of your old presentations will automatically – pain free – convert into your new template. In this detailed 19 minute video, I show you the most efficient way to go about converting your old presentations into your new template without everything breaking on you.

BONUS #7: Setting your template as the default.

Once you have your brand new template, you’ll want to put it into action without having to constantly search for it, right? So in this hands-on 10 minute video, I show you how to set up your brand new template as the default presentation that opens whenever you open up PowerPoint. This will save you a ton of time searching and maneuvering.

Imagine having a template that’s EXACTLY what you want… it’s not just good enough, it’s just RIGHT.

  • Imagine having a template that works just as you expect it to, and never stalls or hiccups on you as you build out new presentations!
  • Imagine being able to keep all the formatting and layouts consistent, 100% of the time!
  • Imagine having your team or your clients using your template with ease and consistency!
  • Imagine having a template that’s both beautiful AND functional!

With a PowerPoint template that works, you will design, build and deploy the template you’ve always wanted without all the false starts and frustrations (of having to start over).

You will be shocked at how much easier your life in PowerPoint is – across the board!

You will enjoy using PowerPoint because you have an easy and intuitive method for turning your ideas and concepts into slides without having to constantly fight formatting and glitches.

You can invest your time reaching out to new clients and presenting at conferences without the dread that your PowerPoint presentation is going to suddenly break.

You can empower your team to do what they do best with the PowerPoint tools to succeed!

Who is this for?

PowerPoint Templates That Work is for anyone who builds PowerPoint presentations that need to be reused over and over again for things like:

  • Client presentations and meetings

  • Internal tracking dashboards

  • Pitch proposals

  • Client deliverables and reporting

  • Print collateral

  • Internal Training Webinars

  • And more!

Understanding how to properly build and edit PowerPoint templates like this will save any PowerPoint professional a ton of time and heartache, including:

  • Sales people who are creating presentations to pitch their products and services to prospective customers.

  • Executive assistants who help their bosses put together and build decks for board meetings, media events, and conferences.

  • Project managers who are creating internal reports and client deliverables.

  • Trainers and educators who are building courses and informational products for internal teams or students.

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

The entire PowerPoint Templates That Work step-by-step system is only $139 a month for 5 months. Meaning you can get started and get full access today for just $139.

You can also pay in full (and save $98) for $597.

When you do, you’ll not only lock in lifetime access to all of the PowerPoint Templates That Work materials, you’ll also get access to the 7 amazing bonuses.

And yes, you will get full access to the program right away with your first payment. All modules. All downloads. All bonuses. So you can watch is all in one go or take it slow. The choice is yours.

30-day (no questions asked) 100% money back guarantee

Join PowerPoint Templates That Work today and get lifetime access to all the training materials, videos and bonuses.

If within 30 days of joining you aren’t blown away by how much you’ve learned and 100% confident that you can now build and deploy a real PowerPoint template that works, simply shoot me an email and I’ll refund 100% of your investment (no questions asked).

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F.A.Q. and Fun Facts

What will I learn in the course?

By going through PowerPoint Templates That Work, you will learn how to: 

  • Automate redundant tasks like formatting slide numbers so that you can skip any guesswork and know for certain that the task is being done RIGHT.
  • Easily change the entire color scheme and the fonts of your presentations, allowing you to switch between styles without changing any of the content whatsoever… hello Easy Button!
  • Maintain you logo and other branding elements in their exact right place…always! This helps make sure that everything is always perfectly positioned and aligned.
  • Make changes to swaths of content in just a few clicks. This means that you don’t have to fear getting requests to edit anything in your presentation because it’s easy to do so.
  • Keep your presentation’s formatting consistent and on-brand so that you’re never unsure about whether you’re complying with company marketing or branding policies.

Whether you build templates every day or never, PowerPoint Templates That Work will boost your skills and confidence in the software, putting you 10 steps ahead of your peers.

That’s because once you understand the ins and outs of your Slide Master and what goes into a properly built (beautiful and functional) PowerPoint template, you’ll be able to quickly distinguish between user errors and template errors, and fix them accordingly.

What if I don’t use templates often or if I already have a template? Is this course still right for me?


All it takes is 1 broken template to ruin every single presentation you create or edit. So knowing how to build one properly will benefit EVERYTHING you do in PowerPoint.

Plus, understanding how the underpinnings of the software work will help you better use the program in general and avoid many of the big frustrations people encounter daily.


You can learn to build PowerPoint templates on your own, but it will take you years of trial and error to figure out how to do it the right way (just like it took me).

That’s why I created PowerPoint Templates that Work, to save you the years of trial, error and frustration, so you can just sit down and build your template the way you want it (and know that it will work like it’s supposed to).

PowerPoint Templates that Work covers the entire process of designing, building and deploying your very own custom template, from point A to point B, with no steps left out. That way, you get a 360 degree understanding and you fill in the gaps in what you don’t know.

Building a custom PowerPoint template isn’t hard once you know what you’re doing, but it’s not very intuitive either.

And that’s why I built this course to spare you the pain and frustration of having to figure it out on your own.

Unlike on YouTube, where the shortness of attention demands that I only cover so much…

In this course, I take you in depth. This is a comprehensive and well thought-out system that is designed to be interactive and exercise-driven. That way, you can follow along step by step as I guide you from a blank document to a full functional template of your own design.

The course is composed of detailed PDF lessons with images and examples, exercises for you to complete, bonus video demos, and more.

On top of that, PowerPoint templates that works has includes a module on template design (so you create something you are proud of) as well as two full modules on how to properly deploy your template so your team knows how to use it.​

This course is designed to be accessible to anyone with any level of PowerPoint experience.

That being said, if you’re totally new to PowerPoint, you may have to work a bit harder to keep up with some of the PowerPoint terms and features.

But don’t be alarmed – you actually have an advantage over experienced users! And it’s that you start with a true blank slate, without any pre-existing misconceptions (or false beliefs) about templates.

As for experienced users, please don’t worry either. This course will blow your mind on many fronts and is guaranteed to teach you all the little nuances of how to properly build a template (many of which you’ve probably never heard of before or had time to consider).


Templates essentially work the same regardless of your version of PowerPoint.

The main differences are in the way the templates are saved and shared, and I cover each of these differences inside the course.

In PowerPoint Templates That Work, you get:

  • 24/7 unlimited access to your student dashboard with everything you need right there.
  • 9 step-by-step modules of lessons and exercises (all in downloadable PDF format) to walk you through the entire process of designing, building and deploying a template that works.
  • 7 bonuses (downloadable MP4, PPT and PDF formats) to take your PowerPoint template skills to the next level.
  • 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll get an email (pending the processing of your payment) with a link to login to your student dashboard.

Here, you can download everything in the course and start learning immediately.

If you have any questions about the course or need help with your template, you can email us at info@nutsandboltsspeedtraining.com and we will do our absolute best to help you out.

It's risk free with our 30-day guarantee!