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4 FULLY Loaded PowerPoint Templates

Build Rock Solid Slides With Zero Errors Using 4 Trustworthy Templates That Don’t Skimp On Any Critical Details.

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This Offer Has Expired.

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Picture of Camille Holden PowerPoint speed trainer

Camille Holden

Co-Founder of Nuts & Bolts Speed Training and Creator of the advanced “PowerPoint Templates that Work” coaching program

The 4 Functional & Stylish Templates

The Cheery Template:

The Tiles Template:

The Diamond Template:

The Seascape Template:

What Makes These PowerPoint Templates Different?

These FULLY loaded templates are perfect for you if you are looking for a NEW multipurpose PowerPoint template you can confidently build your presentations with.

That’s because we went the extra mile with each of these PowerPoint templates to include everything a PowerPoint template is supposed to have.

Most of the PowerPoint templates you find online were built by designers who DON’T know PowerPoint.

This leaves you with pretty slides, but not a functional template you can depend on to build your presentations. Each of these 4 PowerPoint templates is fully loaded, which means that:

We’re selling these now on our website for $28, but you can get all 4 FULLY loaded PowerPoint templates at a special launch price of just $7.

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30 Day – Keep The Templates – Guarantee

Take 30 FULL days to test out these PowerPoint templates and use them to build your PowerPoint presentations.

If you aren’t FULLY satisfied with the templates, the slide layouts and/or the training videos and guidance, just shoot me a quick note and we’ll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

Why are we giving them away for just $7?

Great question.

Because we went the extra mile for each of these templates, we will be selling them for more in the future.

But to reward you for being one of our valued subscribers, we are giving all 4 templates away for just $7 when you join before this Friday, November 22nd at midnight PST.

That’s a 75% savings over the future price of these templates (maybe even more).