PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Death by PowerPoint

Congratulations to Steve Rindsberg for clinching the prize for our second PowerPoint Cartoon Competition!

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Steve Rindsberg

A big thank you to everyone who participated, by submitting an entry and by voting.

Here are the runners up in order:

Honorary Awards for some of the entries that weren’t selected as part of the top 4 :-):

The “Sell Your Soul” Award goes to Claes Alexandersson, for giving so much power to PowerPoint:

Jim: “I promise to use bullet points in all my presentations for the rest of my life and you promise not to visit me until I´m 120 years old.”
Death: “It’s a deal.” – Claes

The “PLEASE NO!” Award goes to Linda Blocksom, for putting a few beads of sweat on my forehead and making me cringe:

Guy: “So, I’d like about 250 slides with 20 or so bullets on each one, and make sure the font is like, maybe a 14. Got it?”
Grim Reaper: “Got it. And it will be really nice to meet you in person right after your presentation.” – Linda

And the “Attorney PPTs” Award goes to Gloria Miller, for taking a jab at attorneys, which makes everyone happy:

“You know how attorneys are. By the end of 95 text filled slides, you will have plenty of victims.” – Gloria

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