PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Crop Circles

Winning caption: “What do you make of that?” – “Looks like they beefed up the crop tool in PowerPoint 2016”

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Charles Stella

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Alien Earth Invasion

Winning caption: “They are using a 4:3 slide ratio instead of 16:9 and they expect to successfully invade another planet?”

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Steve Rindsberg

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Death by PowerPoint

Winning caption: You can’t take me now. The boss is coming down the hall now with “one more little change”.

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Bruce Anderson

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Company Slide Deck

Winning caption: “It wasn’t quite what I had in mind but ever since Jenny created her new slide deck, customers have been pouring in!”