Creating Consistency in Your PowerPoint Presentations with Formatting Guides

PowerPoint Best Practices – The Formatting Guides

One of our favorite best practices in PowerPoint is to add “Formatting Guides” to your slides to indicate and enforce your preferred formatting.

Manage Files and Folders - OneDrive App on the iPad

Using The OneDrive App To Organize Files On Your iPad

How to use the OneDrive App to rename, re-arrange and organize your files within the PowerPoint, Excel and Word apps.

How To Manage Thousands Of PowerPoint Slides Across Your Organization

How To Manage Thousands Of PowerPoint Slides Across Your Organization

In this tutorial learn how to manage thousands of PowerPoint slides across your organization.

PowerPoint for iPad - Apply Custom Colors

PowerPoint For iPad – How To Pick Up And Apply A Custom Color

Learn how to pick up and apply custom colors in the PowerPoint for iPad app…something that’s technically impossible without this work around.

Protecting Your PowerPoint Presentation By Saving Everthing As Pictures

How To Protect Your PowerPoint Presentation By Turning Everything Into Pictures

Learn how to protect your PowerPoint presentation and stop anyone from editing it by turning your slides into pictures.

PowerPoint Animations - Trigger Appear and Disappear

Make Objects Appear And Disappear With PowerPoint Animations

Learn how to quickly make objects or text appear and disappear in PowerPoint.

Turning PowerPoint Shapes Into Bullet Points – The Life Cycle Of A List Of Bullet Points

Believe it or not, turning your shapes back into bullet points is an awesome PowerPoint trick for anyone building lots of corporate presentations!

5 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Business Presenation

5 Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Business Presentation

Simple steps to create business presentations that grab your audience’s attention without agonizing over messaging, design and storyboarding.

"Lock Drawing Mode is the Most Worthless-Yet-Awesome PowerPoint Command"

How To Create A Continuous List Of Numbers Across A Table In PowerPoint Using Excel

Learn how to create a continuous list of numbers across the cells in a table in PowerPoint without each cell starting at 1 in this tutorial.

"Continuous Lists Across Shapes"

How To Create A Continuous Numbered List Across Multiple Shapes In PowerPoint

In this tutorial, learn how to create a continuous list of numbers across multiple textboxes or shapes in PowerPoint without starting at 1 each time.