How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint (5 Simple Steps)

Adding slide numbers to your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to let people know what slide you are currently on. This is also effective when printing your presentation as handouts, so people know where they are in your presentation.

If you follow these 5 simple steps and your slide numbers don't show up, see our troubleshooting guide here.

Preparation: To follow along with this tutorial, make sure you have a properly built PowerPoint template. This includes having your slide numbers correctly setup and formatted in the Slide Master view of your presentation.

Step #1: Navigate to the Insert tab in your PowerPoint ribbon.

Click the insert tab in your PowerPoint ribbon

Step #2: Select the Header and Footer command to open the Header and Footer dialog box. You can alternatively hit Alt + Shift + D on your keyboard to launch this dialog box.

Click the header and footer command

Step #3: Inside the Header and Footer dialog box, put a check mark in the Slide Number box. You will see a live preview of where your slide numbers will appear in the upper right-hand corner.

Put a check mark next to slide number in the header and footer dialog box

Step #4: If you do not want your slide numbers, footers and/or Date and time to appear on the first slide in your presentation, check the box next to Don’t show on title slide.

Put a check mark next to Don't show on title slide if you don't want a slide number on your title slide

Step #5: Click Apply to All to add slide numbers to all of the slides within your presentation.

Click apply to all to add your slide numbers to your slides

Note: Depending on how your PowerPoint template is set up, your slide numbers and footers might not appear on all of your slides (like your divider slides). If you want to fix this, you'll need to edit your Slide Master. To learn how to do this, click here or in the video below.