• How to Create a Scale in PowerPoint (with Animations)

    Animated scales are an excellent way to spice up your presentations, since they’re so versatile and can illustrate many concepts in an engaging way. Learn how to build them from scratch in PowerPoint.

  • The Best PowerPoint Animation Shortcut (IMHO)

    Animations often take a long time to think through and design. However, you can actually save a lot of time on repetitive animations by using the Animation Painter and its handy shortcut.

  • How to Bring a City Night Scene to Life

    In this advanced animation tutorial, I’ll show you how to combine the motion path animation with the grow/shrink animation to create a city night scene with moving cars and blinking city lights.

  • Creating a Falling Snow Effect in PowerPoint

    Learn a quick PowerPoint trick for spicing up any winter-themed picture with continuous falling snow. Add some music, and it can make a great holiday card for your friends and family!

  • How to Create an Animated Hinge Effect

    Adding this hinge animation effect to your presentation will delight your audience, as no one expects to see something opening and closing in PowerPoint. In PowerPoint animation effects tutorial I’ll show you how to make this hingeing door effect, but the same technique applies to boxes and other “hinge effect” examples (which…