• PowerPoint Themes

    Everything you need to know about PowerPoint themes, including where to find and change them, and what to keep in mind when choosing a good PowerPoint theme.

  • PowerPoint Backgrounds

    Learn what a background is, where to insert them, along with some of the tricky issues that can arise when using them.

  • PowerPoint Templates

    See what you need to know about PowerPoint templates, including where to get pre-built ones and how to work with them once you have them.

  • Outline View in PowerPoint: The Ultimate Guide

    This outline view guide covers it all – what the outline view is, how to use it best, why it’s helpful, and some advanced tricks for using it (including importing content from Word directly into PowerPoint).

  • Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

    Learn some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity. These are basic shortcuts that every Office user should know.