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Hidden Shortcuts You’ve Never Heard Of…

Hybrid shortcuts are mouse plus keyboard combinations that unlock hidden PowerPoint features that help you get the job done now! For example, holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard and spinning your mouse wheel to zoom. New Hybrid Shortcuts Revealed In the video below I demo some hybrid shortcuts I’ve never seen covered anywhere else before. […]

Two Old Shortcuts Used In A Brand New Way…

Did you know you can squeeze some new productivity-juice out of these two old PowerPoint shortcuts? CTRL+G for group CTRL+SHIFT+G for ungroup It’s true! All you need to do is add a dash of strategy and you’ll soon be able to generate new layout ideas in no time by simply flipping your layouts. Click play below […]

Sssshhhhh…this is a charting secret

Awesome, let’s talk more about charts! Now that we’ve discussed over-labeling, and you know I HIGHLY discourage it… You’re ready for a cool…”shhhh”…charting secret. And what this will allow you to do, is to replace the FAKE totals people often put on the top of their stacked column charts…. With REAL, automatic updating totals that […]