"Presentation Summit 2015 New Orleans"

The Presentation Summit 2015: Be There, Or Be Rectangular!

Camille and I want to see you in New Orleans’ French Quarter this September!

Why? Because we’re going to be attending the Presentation Summit again, AND we’re going to be hosting an after-hours gathering to get the chance to meet all of our subscribers, YOU (keep reading for more details)!

What is the Presentation Summit?

First off, you might be thinking: “Is there really such a thing as a Presentation Summit, and what the heck is it all about?”

"Crowd at the Presentation Summit"The Presentation Summit is a yearly conference that gathers the industry’s experts to help you better design, build, and deliver your presentations. You can learn more about it on the Presentation Summit’s website.

Beyond everything you learn there, the best part of it all is getting to rub elbows with 180 people who, like you do, eat presentations for breakfast!

The small community that forms around this event is out of this world.

That’s why we’ve chosen this event as a backdrop for a small gathering of fellow Nuts & Bolts-ers…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves (more below).

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Have an obscure or random PowerPoint question?

Ask the PowerPoint MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals – they are like superstar athletes without the million dollar contracts) who probably knew about your issue years ago and have already figured out a workaround (if one even exists)!

Want to know why PowerPoint doesn’t do something specific (or removed your favorite feature)?

Ask the Microsoft team who FREAKING BUILT the program and they’ll tell you WHY it can or can’t be done…yes, the Microsoft PowerPoint team actually shows up, and they get along fine with the Prezi people who show up too!

For example…I demoed my “life-cycle of a list of bullet points” trick during one of the Five Minute Tips & Tricks sessions and had one of the original PowerPoint team members (Ric Bretschneider) walk up to me and say…

“I was part of the Microsoft team that BUILT that feature.”

Geek out with me for a second…HOW COOL IS THAT!

What’s a PowerPoint MVP anyway?

They are basically the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) of PowerPoint 🙂 …that metaphor works, right?

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On a serious note, the PowerPoint Most Valued Professionals are the people who know more about PowerPoint than you ever thought possible (it’s like having a PhD in PowerPoint!) AND their quick insights can help you solve MASSIVE PowerPoint pain points that you may have simply learned to live with.

For example, Echo Swinford, a.k.a. Echo’s Voice, demoed a CLASSIC template design mistake that most people make when setting up their templates: They use generic placeholders for their pictures. That’s a super easy mistake to make (you don’t get any warnings from PowerPoint, that’s for sure!) but a costly one that will wonk our all your pictures!

Echo wrote a post on it that you can find here.

"Rick Altman Presentation Summit"The Host with the Most

Normally big conferences have a team of hosts, or they swap them out every year. But not at this event!

The Summit is hosted by THE Rick Altman, the guy who, among his many accolades, is the first person (that we know of) to put a picture of a vacuum cleaner on the cover of his book, “Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck, and How You Can Make Them Better”.

But in all seriousness, Rick makes the Summit what it is, ensuring that everyone has a good time, learns a ton, and leaves with many new friends or even business partners.

Not Just About PowerPoint

Although PowerPoint is ONE of the major themes throughout the Summit (as that’s still what most people are using)…the Summit really is all about the presentations.

  • Want to be a more confident and engaging public speaker? Check out Distinction by Jim Endicott
  • Want to learn how to design gorgeous PowerPoint slides? Check out Julie Terberg
  • Want to learn about visualizing your corporate data? Meet Dave Paradi
  • Want to have your mind blown with movie-like PowerPoint animations? Cue Glen Millar
  • Want to hang out with Camille and Taylor and get a free drink? Read below!

I hope you have gotten the hint that the Summit is super fun and exciting (this is one of the most fun ‘corporate’ events we’ve been to). Learn more by clicking on the image below.

"Presentation Summit 2015"

And FYI…we are going to be there!

Camille and I will both be there (we will also work on getting P-Spice from Spicy Presentations there as well), and we want to meet you in person and treat you to a drink!

So if you sign up for the Sep. 27-30 Presentation Summit 2015, make sure to leave some room in your calendar for our after-hours Nuts & Bolts gathering…it will 100% free for our subscribers. We’ll be sending out more details about the event as the event approaches, so keep an eye out.

Not a subscriber yet? Sign up for our newsletter to get an invitation to this fun gathering, AND we’ll send you a PDF of the 6 PowerPoint hacks we use to save ridiculous amounts of time (#4 alone will save you 20 mins each time!).

"Presentation Summit 2014"BONUS: You May Even Discover the Next Best Time-Saving Trick or Service

Just to show you the kinds of things you’ll learn at the Summit, here are some cool tricks and resources we learned last year (and we can’t wait to learn more this year!). It’s far from an exhaustive list, but for the sake of space, here are a few that stood out in our minds:

Besides all the learning and networking, there are also a bunch of super interesting exhibitors at the Summit. We tried to pick our favorite one from last year, but we just couldn’t. So it’s a 3-way tie:

  • Templafy – Updated your logo and need that change to be reflected across your entire company’s “About Us” slides in thousands of presentations? No problem! With Templafy, you can manage your digital assets so they stay up-to-date across all of your corporate documents (what a relief!).
  • GetMyGraphic – There is no question that you need to be fast at PowerPoint, but as we always say, why build something from scratch if it’s already been built? GetMyGraphic jumpstarts your slide creation process with vector graphics that you can rip apart and use to build some unique and elegant layouts.
  • SlideSource – Ever have to manage 10,000+ slides for a SINGLE presentation and all of their iterations? I used to do this using a system of folders and naming conventions, but with SlideSource, the days of creating nested folders and V1, V2, V3…V78 are over!

SlideSource is specifically just for PowerPoint, while the other two work across the entire Microsoft Office suite.

See you in New Orleans…Ooh la la!

So in summary, mark your calendars for the Presentation Summit in New Orleans in September 27-30, 2015! And make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more information about our top-secret gathering.

Taylor, over and out!

Photo credit: David Ohmer