PowerPoint for iPad: A Visual Guide

A Free Comprehensive Guide To Using The PowerPoint App On Your iPad

Nuts & Bolts Speed Training PowerPoint for iPad iPhone Guide

In this first ever visual guide for the iPad version of Microsoft PowerPoint (iPad PPT), we show you step-by-step how to use the app, as well as all of the nitty gritty details behind it that you likely don’t know. We highlight those “little hiccups” that will drive you up the wall (it’s still not the same experience as your desktop version), and we’ve done our best to show you the workarounds, if and when they exist.

Make sure to note the orange boxes we’ve sprinkled through the guide with pro tips and tricks based on years of experience building PowerPoint presentations…ignore them at your own peril 🙂

We will do our best to keep this guide up to date with each new Microsoft update. If you see something that we’ve missed, PLEASE let us know and we’ll do our best to update this guide ASAP.

Don’t have the PowerPoint app on your iPad yet? Download it by clicking the link below.