"Make PowerPoint Presentations Awesome"

How to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Awesome Mini Series

What happened to the Golden Rule?

It’s funny how PowerPoint has caused us as adults, to completely ignore the Golden Rule we learned as children…we do exactly onto others with our presentations, what we hope they never do back to us with theirs!

Think about it…we sit through a bad presentation, thinking “Man, that was a tough one to stay awake through!” And then when it’s our turn to present, we run everyone else through more or less the same dang thing! As if our presentation is somehow “less boring” just because it’s ours.

But friends don’t let friends make bad presentations!

So the question is: How do you make your presentations awesome?

Unfortunately there isn’t a silver bullet solution or magical piece of advice that will solve all of your presentation problems. That said, there are some immediate things you can do today that will help.

This mini-series is designed to give you concrete tips, tricks, and more than anything else, EXAMPLES that you can immediately begin using to “awesome-ify” your presentations!

Be warned: These tips and tricks are for content-heavy decks, not single picture slides or ‘one-size fits all decks’!

Check out the posts in this mini-series below:


Part 2: Breaking Up Your Bullets in PowerPoint
"Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Awesome - Beyond Defaults"
"Make PowerPoint Presentations Awesome"

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