Hidden Shortcuts You’ve Never Heard Of…

Hybrid shortcuts are mouse plus keyboard combinations that unlock hidden PowerPoint features that help you get the job done now!

For example, holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard and spinning your mouse wheel to zoom.

New Hybrid Shortcuts Revealed

In the video below I demo some hybrid shortcuts I’ve never seen covered anywhere else before.

Hit play and see what you think.

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Are You Ready for Speed?

Hybrid shortcuts are one of the secret ingredients to tripling your speed in PowerPoint…

And just imagine what life would be like if everything you did in PowerPoint was done 3 times faster:

  • Your boss sends you some last minute slides to work on…no problem.
  • Your colleague sends you a disaster presentation to polish…no problem.
  • You’re feeling creative and want to try a different layout for your slide…no problem.

If you care about the quality of your slides and you value your time, check out our free mini-series, Save 40 Hours in PowerPoint!