"How to Embed a YouTube Playlist in PowerPoint"

How To Embed A YouTube Playlist In PowerPoint

What does it mean to embed an entire playlist into PowerPoint?

It means that on a single slide, you can navigate ALL of the videos within a playlist, without having to move to a second or third slide. As you can see in the picture below, the playlist is open in PowerPoint with three different videos to choose from.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Intro - what's a playlist"

To embed a playlist into your slide you need to grab the YouTube embed code, which is only possible in PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013. PowerPoint 2007 users cannot insert or view a playlist (even if it’s inserted in a later version).

You’ll notice I used an image of a computer screen to frame the video and create a cool effect…just another tip for making your videos come to life!

Big thanks to Petr for designing the blank computer monitor image and licensing it to the public domain.

Have another version of PowerPoint? Check out our ultimate YouTube video embedding guide.

Embedding a YouTube Playlist

Step #1: Navigate to the YouTube Playlist

First you need to navigate to the playlist, which is easiest to do through the YouTube channel of the playlist owner.

#1: Open up the channel where your playlist exists and select Playlists

#2: Open up the playlist that you’d like to insert into your slide

#3: Within the playlist, select the video that you want your slide to start with (in this case I’m selecting the third video in the playlist).

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #1A - Navigate to the playlist on YouTube"

As the video opens in YouTube, there are two indications that you have opened a video through its playlist:

#1: The URL is extremely long as it has both the video’s URL + an ‘&Index’ or ‘&List’ with additional information after it.
#2: You can see the video’s entire playlist to the right of the video.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #1B - Identifying the playlist"

Optional Step: Format the YouTube Video

If you want to make formatting adjustments to the appearance of the YouTube video before embedding it in PowerPoint, scroll down below the video, select Share, select Embed, and then select Show More.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Option Step 1A - Navigate below the video"

Now if you scroll down, you can see a number of different options for formatting the video. The two most important ones are keeping the top band (the video title) and the bottom band (keeping the player controls).

Make sure you don’t remove the video title band, as that is your only way to access the YouTube playlist. If you remove that, you will not be able to view the playlist in PowerPoint.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Option Step 1B - More options"

See embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2013 to learn more about these options.

Step #2: Copy the YouTube Embed Code

After you’ve made formatting adjustments to the video (or not), you can simply right-click the YouTube video and in the right-click menu, select ‘Get embed code’.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #2A - Right-click select embed code"

In the little dialog box that opens, hit CTRL + C on your keyboard to copy the embed code, and then close the little dialog box.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #2B - Copy the embed code"

Step #3: Insert the YouTube Embed Code

Flipping back to PowerPoint, navigate to the Insert tab, open the Video dropdown. In PowerPoint 2013, select ‘Online Video’, in PowerPoint 2010, select ‘Video from Web Site’.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #3A - Insert Video from the web"

In the dialog box that opens, hit CTRL + V to paste the embed code in and click Insert.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #3B - Paste in the embed code"

Step #4: Resize and Position the YouTube Video

Format and resize the black box (the YouTube video). I will stretch mine out so that the bottom of the YouTube video covers the controls on the computer monitor.

This will create a more realistic effect in PowerPoint, which you’ll see in a minute.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #4 - Resize the YouTube Video"

Step #5: Play the Video in Full Screen Mode

With the video inserted, hit SHIFT + F5 for full screen mode, and assuming you have an internet connection, the YouTube will load and you can see the Playlist option in the upper left-hand corner.

"Embed YouTube Playlist - Step #5 - Play the video in full screen mode"

If you want these 3 mocked up slides with the videos already embedded, click here to download them.

Trouble Shooting YouTube Playlists in PowerPoint

If your YouTube videos are not playing in PowerPoint, see our YouTube troubleshooting guide – YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Not Working.