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80 PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts That Can Be Real Time Savers

Creating a PowerPoint presentation is no small task! It requires juggling all sorts of PowerPoint stuff like charts, tables, pictures, object formatting, text and shapes just to create your slides in the first place. Then there is the delivery of the presentation itself.

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Decluttering: New Office Shortcut (Finally) for Deep Work

Why is it THE best shortcut ever? Because it helps you focus on the #1 thing that advances your career like crazy…

Convert Word to PowerPoint: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Word documents can be converted into PowerPoint slides as long as you avoid these 5 common mistakes.

3 Phone Icons in Under 30 Seconds

In this post, I’ll show you how to create 3 different styles of phone icons for your presentations in less than 30 seconds. On top of that… I’ll show you how to get at thousands of other free icons like these (using this same technique) by setting up a simple Icon Font Cutter Tool in PowerPoint. If […]

8 Best PowerPoint Add-ins for Boosting Your Productivity

Don’t know about add-ins or how to get them? Here’s a list of our 8 favorite PowerPoint add-ins for productivity and why you need them.

4 Clicks Towards Good Slide Design

This simple slide design rule can help you instantly stand out from the millions of other people out there, building slides just like you.

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Crop Circles

Winning caption: “What do you make of that?” – “Looks like they beefed up the crop tool in PowerPoint 2016”

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Charles Stella

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Alien Earth Invasion

Winning caption: “They are using a 4:3 slide ratio instead of 16:9 and they expect to successfully invade another planet?”

Pie Chart Secret Ingredient

In episode 2 of What’s the Point of that Slide?! we finish off the slide we started and add the pie chart Secret Ingredient to get to a point.

Two Pie Chart Tricks for Better Data Visualizations

In episode 1 of What’s the Point of that Slide?! we look at getting to the point of your pie charts, even if you have NO IDEA to begin with.

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Steve Rindsberg

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Death by PowerPoint

Winning caption: You can’t take me now. The boss is coming down the hall now with “one more little change”.

5 Office Timeline Gantt Chart Tricks

Now that you’ve inserted your graphic, the formatting fun begins. Here are 5 (+a bonus) of my favorite Gantt Chart tricks in Office Timeline+.

2 Crazy-Fast Ways to Make a Gantt Chart in PowerPoint

Way #1 takes less than 12 mins and Way #2 takes less than 30 secs. That’s PowerPoint Speed Training at its best!

PowerPoint Cartoon Competition Winner Bruce Anderson

PowerPoint Cartoon Contest – Company Slide Deck

Winning caption: “It wasn’t quite what I had in mind but ever since Jenny created her new slide deck, customers have been pouring in!”

FIXED: Why We’d Wait to Upgrade to PowerPoint 2016…

Thinking about getting Office 2016? Read this post to see why we’d recommend waiting before you upgrade to PPT 2016…for now.

15 Storytelling Tips And How To Apply Them Today

Turn your presentation into a gripping story with these 15 actionable storytelling tips.

"Presentation Summit 2015 New Orleans"

The Presentation Summit 2015: Be There, Or Be Rectangular!

What is the Presentation Summit? See why this PowerPoint conference rocks and why you should attend this year in New Orleans…Ooh la la!

"How to Create a Venn Diagram in PowerPoint"

How to Create a Venn Diagram in PowerPoint

Creating a Venn diagram in PowerPoint is extremely easy, thanks to SmartArt. I’ll show you how to create and customize one in just a few clicks.

"How to Put a YouTube Video in PowerPoint"

How To Put A YouTube Video In PowerPoint

The Ultimate YouTube-to-PowerPoint Guide! Video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting and more for YouTube videos in PowerPoint.

"PowerPoint Best Practices - Customize Your QAT"

PowerPoint Best Practices – Customize Your QAT

Learn how to customize and set up the Quick Access Toolbar, one of the smartest moves in PowerPoint you’ll ever make. Invest minutes, save hours!

"How to Aling Objects Between Your Slides in PowerPoint...the Smart Way"

Aligning Objects Between Your PowerPoint Slides (The Smart Way)

If you find your titles are drifting away from one slide to another, you’ll love this tutorial for aligning objects between slides in PowerPoint.

"The Hammer Tool - An Awesome Free PowerPoint Add-In"

Must Have PowerPoint Add-In of the Century: The Hammer Tool

Could it be, we’ve unlocked the power of Thor with this Hammer Tool? Learn how to install this PowerPoint add-in we wish we’d found years ago!

Nuts & Bolts - PowerPoint Picture Transparency - Seahawks Legion of Boom

How To Create Transparent Pictures in PowerPoint (The Fast Way!)

Learn how to make your pictures transparent in PowerPoint, either with a single picture or with multiple pictures all in one go.

Tips for Working with Vector Graphics in PowerPoint

Jump Start Your Presentations With Vector Graphics

Check out our basic and advanced PPT tips for customizing and working with vector graphics – one of the best-kept secrets of top PowerPoint designers!

Creating Consistency in Your PowerPoint Presentations with Formatting Guides

PowerPoint Best Practices – The Formatting Guides

One of our favorite best practices in PowerPoint is to add “Formatting Guides” to your slides to indicate and enforce your preferred formatting.

Manage Files and Folders - OneDrive App on the iPad

Using The OneDrive App To Organize Files On Your iPad

How to use the OneDrive App to rename, re-arrange and organize your files within the PowerPoint, Excel and Word apps.

How To Manage Thousands Of PowerPoint Slides Across Your Organization

How To Manage Thousands Of PowerPoint Slides Across Your Organization

In this tutorial learn how to manage thousands of PowerPoint slides across your organization.

PowerPoint for iPad - Apply Custom Colors

PowerPoint For iPad – How To Pick Up And Apply A Custom Color

Learn how to pick up and apply custom colors in the PowerPoint for iPad app…something that’s technically impossible without this work around.

Protecting Your PowerPoint Presentation By Saving Everthing As Pictures

How To Protect Your PowerPoint Presentation By Turning Everything Into Pictures

Learn how to protect your PowerPoint presentation and stop anyone from editing it by turning your slides into pictures.

PowerPoint Animations - Trigger Appear and Disappear

Make Objects Appear And Disappear With PowerPoint Animations

Learn how to quickly make objects or text appear and disappear in PowerPoint.

Turning PowerPoint Shapes Into Bullet Points – The Life Cycle Of A List Of Bullet Points

Believe it or not, turning your shapes back into bullet points is an awesome PowerPoint trick for anyone building lots of corporate presentations!

5 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Business Presenation

5 Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Business Presentation

Simple steps to create business presentations that grab your audience’s attention without agonizing over messaging, design and storyboarding.

"Lock Drawing Mode is the Most Worthless-Yet-Awesome PowerPoint Command"

How To Create A Continuous List Of Numbers Across A Table In PowerPoint Using Excel

Learn how to create a continuous list of numbers across the cells in a table in PowerPoint without each cell starting at 1 in this tutorial.

"Continuous Lists Across Shapes"

How To Create A Continuous Numbered List Across Multiple Shapes In PowerPoint

In this tutorial, learn how to create a continuous list of numbers across multiple textboxes or shapes in PowerPoint without starting at 1 each time.

"How To Create A Mouseover Text Effect In Your PowerPoint Presentation"

How To Create A Mouseover Text Effect In Your PowerPoint Presentation

Want to create a mouseover text effect, or mouse pop up in PowerPoint? Let’s show you how with the ScreenTip functionality of hyperlinks.

How To Turn Bullet Points Into Slides in PowerPoint

How To Quickly Turn A List Of Bullet Points Into Slides In PowerPoint

Speed up the creation process for a presentation by learning how to use the Outline View in PowerPoint to turn your bullet points into slides.

Adding Slide Numbers to Your PowerPoint Presentation

How To Add Slide Numbers In PowerPoint So That They Show Up Correctly

See how to quickly add slide numbers in PowerPoint and make sure they show up correctly. You can also snag our free Page Number guide.

Two PowerPoint Presentations in Slideshow Mode

How To View Two PowerPoint Presentations At The Same Time

Follow this step-by-step written and video tutorial to learn how to view two PowerPoint presentations at the same time on a single monitor.

"Creating the Middle Piece of a Venn Diagram in PowerPoint 2007 2010 2013"

How To Make The Overlapping Part Of A Venn Diagram In PowerPoint 2007, 2010 And 2013

Learn how to create the middle overlapping part of a Venn diagram from scratch in PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2010, and PowerPoint 2013.

Create Your Own PowerPoint Animation

Create Your Own Type Of PowerPoint Animation, The False Animation

The best types of PowerPoint animations, are the intentional false kind that you build yourself! Learn how in this step-by-step tutorial.

Four Things You Don't Know About PowerPoint

4 PowerPoint Tricks You Should Know

No matter how awesome you are, you probably don’t know these 4 PowerPoint tricks. See and learn what 99% of PowerPoint users can’t do!

Stop Tiny Issues from Derailing Your PowerPoint Productivity

How To Stop Minor Issues From Derailing Your PowerPoint Productivity

Has your train of thought ever been derailed by something so simple as inserting a symbol in PowerPoint? Prevent it by creating text shortcuts.

Highlight Your Point Visually in PowerPoint

Part 3: Highlight Your Point Visually In PowerPoint, Otherwise It’s Just Numbers

Have you ever looked at a PowerPoint slide and had NO IDEA what the point was? Highlight your point and data visually for your audience (part 3 of 3).

Part 2: Breaking Up Your Bullets in PowerPoint

Part 2: Breaking Up Your Bullets In PowerPoint

Sometimes you need bullet points in PowerPoint but they don’t look great. Use this trick to break them up and make your slides more visual (part 2 of 3).

"The Most Worthless Yet Awesome PowerPoint Command"

The Most Worthless-Yet-Awesome PowerPoint Command

If you’ve never heard of the “lock drawing mode”, prepare to be blown away! See why it’s the most worthless, yet awesome, PowerPoint command.

"Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Awesome - Beyond Defaults"

Part 1: Beyond The Default PowerPoint Formatting

Learn how to make your PowerPoint presentations stand out by going beyond the default formatting without wasting countless hours or days (part 1 of 3).

"Make PowerPoint Presentations Awesome"

How to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Awesome Mini Series

This 3-part series is designed to give you concrete tips, tricks, and examples that you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations awesome!

"How to Avoid Version Control Hell with Office for iPad"

Working Smart: How To Avoid Version Control Hell With Office For iPad

Using Office for iPad and syncing files across ALL of your devices? Learn the steps for working smart and avoiding issues with version control.

"Working Smart with PowerPoint on the iPad"

How To Put More “Power In Your Point” With PowerPoint For iPad

Learn how to best use PowerPoint for iPad to avoid pitfalls and frustrations, and to put more power in your point with this handy app!